Campsite Introduction

Camping is the use of nature to stretch your body and mind. If we do not take care of our natural environment, the beauty will slowly disappear and we will lose our natural playground.

East Coast currently has three campgrounds. All of them are in the scenic areas. The campgrounds are built of wooden platforms and are equipped with trails, bathrooms, barbeque pits and tables. Camping in the scenic ares enables the visitor to enjoy nature and it’s also convenient.

Xiuguluan River Rafting Center Campground
Address:215 Jong Shan Rd., Section 3, Ruisui Township, Hualien County
Camp Description

Xiuguluan River Rafting Center Campground is located at the Xiuguluan River Rafting Center. It was completed in June 1996.

Facilities include: 35 wooden campsites, one shower room, one bathroom, barbeque pits, picnic tables and chairs, activity square, a parking lot and camping gear.

The combination of a campground and Rafting Center is a total of three hectares. It is vast with spacious land, lots of trees and in the center there is a facility for natural and cultural guides for the Xiuguluan River. In addition, there is also Wuhe tea farms, Hongye Hot Springs and Fuyuan Forest Recreation Area. If you camp here, you can experience small town Hualien, from tea to hot springs.

wooden campsites
wooden campsites
wooden parking spaces
wooden parking spaces