Fanchuanbi Grassland

The best place to overlook the cape.

Fanchuanbi is located in the southeast corner of Green Island, the flat green grass plateau is surroundied by sea and blue sky. It forms a wonderful landscape that has endless greens and blues. It is called Green Island’s Carpet.
Looking north of Fanchuanbi, you can see the distance cliffs of Haicanping and the odd-shaped rocks towering along the coast. From the nearby coast, you can see Zhaori Hotspring from up high; and to the west, you can see the vast coral reefs of Dabaisha. When the weather is clear, you can even see Orchid Island to the South. Green Island is also one of the bests place to enjoy sunrises, and moon rises.


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Southeast corner., Ludao Township, Taitung County MAP

Recommended Tour
【First day】Green Island Visitor CenterShilang Diving AreaDabaishaZiping Camping Area
【Second day】Fanchuanbi GrasslandZhaori Hot Spring
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South: along Highway 11, to Taiwan, the East Division to the 163.5 km Fugang Street, then to Fugang fishing port, the ferry ride to Green Island.

North: Take Highway 11 north to 163.5 km Department received Fugang Street, to Fugang fishing boat or plane ride to Green Island.

Green Island: sublease local transport around the island to the south to highway driving 13 kilometers to to.
South: Take the Hualien at Hualien Train passenger, to Fengbin, Jingpu, or the East to the train station, get off at the fishing port Fugang after the walk to the harbor, ride the ferry to Green Island.

North: from Taiwan, Taitung train station, take the steam or Dingdong Hai Line passenger train, get off at the fishing port Fugang after the walk to the harbor, ride the ferry to Green Island.

Green Island: the island has a bus around the island, around the island a week as a starting point Nanliao
You can take a ferry from Fugang Fishing Port (Bicycle allowed), or you can take a plane from Taidong Airport to Green Island. You can rent bicycles or motorcycles on the island. Otherwise, walking is also a great choice.
1.Please do not get too close to the cliffs. Safety first.
2.Conserving nature, and maintaining a clean and tidy environment is everyone’s responsibility.
3.Please take precautions against the sun and the strong winter winds.