Changhong Bridge

The Changhong Bridge over the green water

"Chanhong Bridge crosses the Xiuguluan River and connects two tribes in Jingpu and Gangkou and it is the end point for Xiuguluan River Rafting.
Changhong Bridge has two bridges. One new and one old. The new bridge is bright shiny and orange. It was designed with fast and slow lanes along with bicycle and pedestrian paths. For viewing the rafting, it has eight viewing platforms available for tourists to overlook the boats on the river.
The old Changhong Bridge was built in 1969 was Taiwan's first cantilever pre-stressed concrete single-arch bridge. Currently is it used as a pedestrian lane for visitors to view the rolling Xiuguluan River, Changhong and the beauty of the sea.
From both the old and the new Changhong Bridges you can overlook the river mouth on the sea, in the center of the river mouth is a volcanic rock that has form an island, named Xi Bulan Island, also known as Shiqiuo Island."


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68 K point on Provincial Highway 11, Ludao Township, Hualien County MAP

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Going south: Follow Highway 11 to Taitung, pass The Tropic of Cancer Landmark. At the 68 marker, you will see Changhong Bridge.

Going north: Follow Highway 11 and go north. Pass Yue Cave and Shitiping, at the 68 marker, you will see Changhong Bridge.
Going south: Take a bus from the Bus Station in front of Hualien Train Station to Fengbin, Jingpu, or buses that go to Taitung.

Going north: Take a bus from the Taiwan Tour Bus or from Ding Dong Bus that go to Hualien by the coastal line in front of Taitung Train Station.
Follow Highway 11 and go south. On the way, you will pass The Tropic of Cancer Landmark, and at the end you will see the destination at the 68 kilometer marker.
1.When landing on Sibulan Island, please pay attention to the tides