Henan Temple

Modern Buddist Art Temple

"Henan Temple is located in Yanliao on Highway 11. It is a famous Buddhist temple.
The costal mountains rise behind the temple and it overlooks the vast Pacific Ocean in the front. On the green hills in the back stands the golden statue of Guanyin. It was made by the famous sculptor, Yang Ying-feng. The statue wears its stately grace has become the trademark of Henan Temple.
Henan Temple practices Buddhism through something called ""Buddhist Art Multimedia"" to carry Buddhism forward. It has received high praise and gained status as a leader of modern Buddism religious art.
In addition to the standard temple worship rituals, the temple holds regular activities, including Buddhist festivals, lantern exhibitions, concerts, and writing competitions. There is also an annual summer art camp for college students as well as for children. At the end of October, there is usually a fair."


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No.191, Yanliao,, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County MAP

Recommended Tour
【First day】 Farglory Ocean Park Henan Temple Shuilian & Niou Mountain
【Second day】FanshuliaoShitipingChanghong BridgeThe Tropic of Cancer Landmark
Going south: Follow Highway 11 to Taidong, pass Fanshuliao and Shuilian & Niou Mountain. At the 12 marker, you will see Henan Temple.

Going north: Follow Highway 11 and go north. Pass Farglory Ocean Park, at the 12 marker, you will see Henan Temple.
Going south: Take a bus from the Bus Station in front of Hualien Train Station to Fengbin, Jingpu, or buses that go to Taitung.

Going north: Take a bus from the Taiwan Tour Bus or from Ding Dong Bus that go to Hualien by the coastal line in front of Taitung Train Station.
Follow Highway 11 and go south. On the way, you will pass Fanshuliao and Shuilian & Niou Mountain, and at the end you will see the destination at the 12 kilometer marker.
1.Henan Temple is a sacred Buddhist space. No meat is allow in.

2.To view the intertidal zone, tourists can first check the Central Weather Bureau's website. Select the time during the Chinese lunar calendar around the first and the fifteenth which is low tide time. It is also the best time to observe the intertidal zone .