Privacy Policy


Dear Friends、Tourist Information Network of the East Coast National Scenic Area respects and protects your personal privacy. To help you understand how we collect、use、and protect your personal information、please read the following privacy policy.


The following privacy policy applies to the collection、use、and protection of your personal information involved in your activities in our network.

Personal Information Collection Policy

Different services of our network will require various personal information of the users:
• Online activities
When you join any online activity、we will ask for your name、ID number、phone number、email address、and your home address.
• Feedback (emails)
We will need your name and email address when you want to give your opinions about the network or contact us.
• In addition to the above-mentioned information、we will retain the related records generated by the server when you navigate or make searches、including the IP of your Internet appliance、duration、the type of your browser、and entries of your navigation and mouse clicks.

Policy about Sharing Personal Information with the Third Party

• The network will share your personal information with a third-party in accordance with this policy in the following conditions:
• To be in line with social order and public security、the network may cooperate with legal departments and disclose particular personal information requested in the official and legal procedure. However、in all circumstances we will never sell、rent、or trade your personal information with other parties or individuals.