Muslim Tour

Muslim Tour,Two day one night itinerary.North to South recommended itinerary Bike ride at Taitung Forest Park National Museum of Prehistory Tiehua Village Fushan Fishing Conservation Area Duli Visitor Center Pisirian Tribe DIY Wooden Sheep Jingpu Culture Experience Cidal Hunter School Hualien Visitor Center
North to South recommended itinerary

Day 1:
Hualien City→Hualien Visitor Center→Cidal Hunter School→Jingpu Culture Experience→Lunch (Urn Lily Spring - advance reservation required)→Pisirian Tribe DIY Wooden Sheep→Duli Visitor Center→Fushan Fishing Conservation Area→Dinner (Formosan Naruwan Hotel and Resort Taitung - Jade Garden)→Tiehua Village→Return to accommodation (Formosan Naruwan Hotel and Resort Taitung)
Day 2:
Breakfast (Formosan Naruwan Hotel and Resort Taitung - Jade Garden)→National Museum of Prehistory→Lunch (Halal City Company)→Bike ride at Taitung Forest Park→Return

  1. DAY1 Hualien Visitor Center

    The endless wonders of Hualien

    Hualien Visitor Center boasts beautiful unobstructed scenery of the Atlantic ocean.
    The center also has exhibition rooms and multimedia rooms to introduce the biodiversity and culture of the area as well as the attractions along the East Coast.
    Easter lilies are cultivated along the pond and slope next to the Center. When the lilies are in bloom, stroll along the scenic path and enjoy the sight of the petals waving in the breeze, more lovely than song or poetry.

    Hualien Visitor Center
  2. DAY1 Cidal Hunter School

    Mother's protection, child of the sun

    Experiences offered by Cidal Hunter School include wilderness activities such as: utensil-free cooking, trap-making, river trekking Sea activities include: Diving, snorkeling, fishing on the outer coast of Hualien Whether it's the mountain or ocean,
    we offer you valuable knowledge and skills so that you can combine tradition and tourism to understand this land and its cultures from a wider perspective, experience living in harmony with mother nature.

    Cidal Hunter School
  3. DAY1 Jingpu Culture Experience

    The warm and passionate tribe of the sun

    The passionate tribe, Jingpu, is called "Ca'wi" in the Amis language, it means the flat land found on the mountain ridge.
    The rich abundance of the river mouth has resulted in fishing as the tribe's main form of industry. At Jingpu, you can have fun rowing a bamboo raft, learn to make a Bagua web, try your hand at traditional bow and arrows. Experience in person the fishing lifestyle of Jingpu, which is still flourishing today.

    Jingpu Culture Experience
  4. DAY1 Pisirian Tribe DIY Wooden Sheep

    Go with Jimmy into spring

    The "Jimmy" brand collaborated with Pisirian Tribe and painted the silhouette of the little girl found in the book "One More Day with You" in 11 locations around the tribe. While you are searching for these 11 paintings, you will also discover the tranquility and simplicity of the Pisirian Tribe.
    Apart from the painted character, unused spaces and abandoned buildings in the tribe have also been revitalized, so when you are enjoying the Jimmy artworks and admiring tribal art, you can also immerse yourself in the natural scenery of mountain and ocean.

    Pisirian Tribe DIY Wooden Sheep
  5. DAY1 Duli Visitor Center

    Interactive experience of the unique features of the East Coast

    Duli Visitor Center is on the mountain facing the sea, if you look towards the North you can see Chenggong Township and Sanxiantai, gaze towards the South and you can see Green Island. The surroundings are full of the beauty and abundance of nature. The Center has an Amis culture area, ocean area, East Coast scenery area, and an interactive experience area. In here, multimedia facilities, films, models and exhibit of artifacts are used to present the biodiversity and culture of the East Coast as well as other activities.

    Duli Visitor Center
  6. DAY1 Fushan Fishing Conservation Area

    The rebirth sustainability of the ocean

    Fushan Fishing Conservation Area is the only public beach in Taitung County. In the early days it was known as "Fuyuan Beach". After fishing was prohibited in 2005, it became a diverse ecosystem in the intertidal zones of the East Coast. The terrain is broad and flat, the water crystal clear with coral reefs spread out on the North and Southern ends. The beach is composed of soft fine sand. Come and experience a guided tour on intertidal zones and experience the various eco-activities such as sea lice fishing, digging for ghost crabs, and netting fish fries.

    Fushan Fishing Conservation Area
  7. DAY1 Tiehua Village

    The name of this tribe is "art".

    Tiehua Village is a gathering of over 20 local artists and small farmers. They have brought together many handmade creative culture brands and local Taitung goodies. Their grassroots art creations integrate the nature around them, the open and relaxed atmosphere attracts many visitors. The artists use driftwood, metal, stones, bamboo and other natural materials to create works and paint, enriching the space and atmosphere of the place.
    On weekends, music is played outdoors on the lawn. Unscheduled handcraft workshops are also held. This is a place where people can come and experience the slow, carefree and relaxed lifestyle of the Eastern region.

    Tiehua Village
  1. DAY2 National Museum of Prehistory

    The first national level museum on the East Coast.

    National Museum of Prehistory was founded on the largest archaeological discovery and digging in Taiwan in the 1980s - Beinan Culture. Local and international experts agree that this is a ruin that is representative of Taiwan's mid to late Neolithic periods. It is also the largest-scale stone coffin tombs found in the Pan-Pacific and South-East Asia regions.
    National Museum of Prehistory is not only the first prehistory and Aborigine culture based museum, but it is also the first museum which includes a museum, archaeological ruins and a biodiversity park.
    Come to the first national level museum on the East Coast and learn more about the richness and range of Taiwan's biodiversity, prehistory and Aborigine cultures.

    National Museum of Prehistory
  2. DAY2 Bike ride at Taitung Forest Park

    The back garden of Taitung City

    Due to the large number of Australian Pine Trees grown in Taitung Forest Park, the darkened forest from a distance has gained the name "Black Forest". In the park a cycling path which crosses the Australian pine forest and connects the three lakes has been installed. Ride along the path to drink in spectacular nature and the wonderful scenery. There are very few manmade landscapes, all you see are calming natural sceneries that are perfect for a slow leisurely bike ride.

    Bike ride at Taitung Forest Park

The following hotels and restaurants are halal certified and Muslim-friendly tourism certified

MRMuslim restaurants MFRMuslim friendly restaurants MFTMuslim friendly tourism

Muslim friendly hotels

Room reservation for Muslim friendly hotels must be made 3-5 days in advance for preparation

Muslim friendly restaurants

Restaurant reservation for Muslim friendly restaurants must be made 3-5 days in advance for preparation

Friendly spaces

  • Hualien Visitor Center

    Friendly facilities:Washing facilities

    No. 5, Dakeng, Yanliau Village, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County


  • Sanxiantai Recreation Area

    Friendly facilities:Washing facilities

    No. 74, Jihui Road, Chenggong Township, Taitung County


  • Duli Visitor Center

    Friendly facilities:Washing facilities、Prayer room

    No. 25, Xincun Road, Xinyi Village, Chenggong Township, Taitung County


  • Green Island Visitor Center

    Friendly facilities:Washing facilities

    No. 298, Nanliao, Ludao Township, Taitung County