Pensioner's Tour

Pensioner's Tour,Two day one night itinerary Jinzun Recreation Area Ami Indigenous Culture Art Center Duli Visitor Center Pisirian Tribe Sanxiantai Recreation Area Chenggong Township Chenggong Fishing Harbor Clownfish Aquarium Fushan Fishing Conservation Area Jialulan Recreation Area Xiaoyeliu Recreation Area
Recommended Itinerary

Day 1:
Taipei/Kaohsiung→Taitung Station→Xiaoyeliu or Jialulan Recreation Area→Fushan Fishing Conservation Area→Clownfish Aquarium and Chenggong Fishing Harbor→Accommodation in Chenggong
Day 2:
Chenggong Township→Sanxiantai Recreation Area or Chenggong Township sightseeing→Pisirian Tribe→Duli Visitor Center and Ami Indigenous Culture Art Center→Jinzun Recreation Area→Taitung Station

  1. DAY110:00~10:30 Xiaoyeliu Recreation Area

    Rock sculptures and treasures created by nature


    Due to the layers of sand and clay deposits, the shifting tectonic plates, and the years of erosion from the wind and surf, it has caused the coast of Xiaoyeliu to form spectacular and unique rock formations such as cuesta scarp, honeycomb rocks, turtle rocks, tofu rocks and mushroom rocks.
    We recommend you to stroll from the Visitor Center to the beach path of Xiaoyeliu and admire the coastal flora such as tree heliotrope and sea hibiscus. Wander along the coconut palm path and enjoy the serenity of the forest, listen to the duet of the birdsong and murmuring waves.

    Xiaoyeliu Recreation Area

    4 Accessible Toilet 5 Accessible parking spaces

  2. DAY110:00~10:30 Jialulan Recreation Area

    A symphony of mountain, ocean, culture and art

    22.8065, 121.1970

    At Jialulan you will find wide lawns, uniquely-designed resting pavilions and instruction boards, scenic platforms where you can gaze upon Dulan Harbor, Dulan Mountain and Xiaoyeliu, as well as installation art pieces made from driftwood, and rock sculptures.
    Feast on the beautiful scenery of mountain and ocean, drink your fill of creative artworks, get up close and personal with nature. Jialulan is not only the best place to take a rest on the East Coast, it is also the ideal location for you to take photos!

    Jialulan Recreation Area

    1 Accessible Toilet 5 Accessible parking spaces

  3. DAY110:40~11:30 Fushan Fishing Conservation Area

    The rebirth sustainability of the ocean


    Fushan Fishing Conservation Area is the only public beach in Taitung County. In the early days it was known as "Fuyuan Beach". After fishing was prohibited in 2005, it became a diverse ecosystem in the intertidal zones of the East Coast. The terrain is broad and flat, the water crystal clear with coral reefs spread out on the North and Southern ends. The beach is composed of soft fine sand. Come and experience a guided tour on intertidal zones and experience the various eco-activities such as sea lice fishing, digging for ghost crabs, and netting fish fries.

    Fushan Fishing Conservation Area
  4. DAY114:00~17:00 Clownfish Aquarium

    The largest clownfish aquarium in Taiwan


    The Aquarium mainly exhibits the research results of the Fisheries Research Institute, Council of Agriculture. It includes clownfish from different regions, migratory fishes of eastern Taiwan, and other popular marine animals.
    Apart from the tunas, stingrays and dorados swimming in the only three story high water quality support system, there is also a petting pool at the Aquarium where you can feel and experience the wonders of the different sea creatures in person.

    *Senior Discount: Clownfish Museum Entrance: $50

    Clownfish Aquarium

    5 Accessible Toilet

  5. DAY114:00~17:00 Chenggong Fishing Harbor

    The first fishing harbor on the East Coast


    Due to the Kuroshio current bringing in large quantities of fish, it has brought prosperity to Chenggong Fishing Harbor to become the largest fishing harbor on the East Coast.
    Fishermen go out for their catch before the sun rises, after midday they return to the harbor to offload their haul and auction off the catches straight from the harbor. During this time, the harbor is lined up full with the catches and bustling with people buying and selling. Come here to experience the unique vibrancy and liveliness found at fishing towns.

    Chenggong Fishing Harbor
  1. DAY209:00~10:30 Chenggong Township

    A historical township embraced by the sea breeze


    In the olden days, Chenggong Township was called "Madawdaw", the Japanese changed it to "Xingang" in 1921, after the war it was changed to "Chenggong". Most of the artifacts discovered from the ancient 3,500 year old Chilin Culture were unearthed from Chenggong.
    You can visit the oldest Matsu temple in Taitung, "Chengguangao Matsu Temple", the first shop on the East Coast "Guanghengfa", the unique marlin deity belief "Marlin Temple", historical buildings "Xingang Church" and "Card Church", and a rare-to-see Shinto shrine "Xingang Shrine" for an-in-depth tour of history and culture.

    Chenggong Township

  2. DAY209:00~10:30 Sanxiantai Recreation Area

    The must-visit location of the East Coast


    Legends say that three of the Eight Immortals, Lu Dongbin, Li Tieguai, and He Xiangu came to this island, which is where Sanxiantai—island of the three immortals—gets its name.
    Apart from the natural sceneries related to the legend of the Eight Immortals such as Xianjian Gorge, Hehuan Cave and Sanxiantai to be found on the island, there are also sea grooves, pot holes, chimney rocks, sea alcoves and other sea erosion wonders for you to be astounded by the nature's sculpting skills.
    The eight-arch cross-ocean bridge completed in 1987 appears like a dragon spanning over the water, it is also one of the landmarks to look out for on the East Coast.

    Sanxiantai Recreation Area

    3 Accessible Toilet 4 Accessible parking spaces

  3. DAY210:40~13:00 Pisirian Tribe

    Go with Jimmy into spring


    The "Jimmy" brand collaborated with Pisirian Tribe and painted the silhouette of the little girl found in the book "One More Day with You" in 11 locations around the tribe. While you are searching for these 11 paintings, you will also discover the tranquility and simplicity of the Pisirian Tribe.
    Apart from the painted character, unused spaces and abandoned buildings in the tribe have also been revitalized, so when you are enjoying the Jimmy artworks and admiring tribal art, you can also immerse yourself in the natural scenery of mountain and ocean.

    Pisirian Tribe
  4. DAY213:30~15:00 Duli Visitor Center

    Interactive experience of the unique features of the East Coast


    Duli Visitor Center is on the mountain facing the sea, if you look towards the North you can see Chenggong Township and Sanxiantai, gaze towards the South and you can see Green Island. The surroundings are full of the beauty and abundance of nature. The Center has an Amis culture area, ocean area, East Coast scenery area, and an interactive experience area. In here, multimedia facilities, films, models and exhibit of artifacts are used to present the biodiversity and culture of the East Coast as well as other activities.

    Duli Visitor Center

    1 Accessible Toilet 3 Accessible parking spaces

  5. DAY213:30~15:00 Ami Indigenous Culture Art Center

    Learn about the culture of the Amis Tribe


    The Ceremonial House and Family House that make up the main building of the Center is modeled after the abode of the priest of Tafalong in Hualien County. The Center offers exhibits of tribal artifacts, handcraft and traditional song and dance performances.
    Apart from the unique building, the culture center also has tribal artifact exhibitions, handcrafts, local produce, food court, traditional song and dance performances.

    Ami Indigenous Culture Art Center

    1 Accessible Toilet 3 Accessible parking spaces

  6. DAY215:30~16:00 Jinzun Recreation Area

    The purest beach in Taiwan


    The most charming thing about Jinzun is its three kilometer long beach of pure clean sand. You can go from the recreation area and the wooden steps to reach the beach. Along the path plants flourish and nature abounds. You can also see the view of the giant rock formations of Jinzun from a height. Next to the scenic recreation area is a coffee shop which offers their signature Maifan (medicinal) stone coffee. We recommend you to sit here a while and sip on a coffee while enjoying the beautiful scenery, let your mind wander as you gaze upon the horizon.

    Jinzun Recreation Area

    1 Accessible Toilet 1 Accessible parking spaces


  • Prince Hotel

    No. 56, 58, 60 Floor 1-4 Zhongshan Road, Chenggong Township, Taitung County


    Double room 800~3,000NT
    Quad room 1,300-3,000NT
    6 People Japanese-style dormitory 1,800-3,600NT
    ※Maximum 6 people
    8 People Japanese-style dormitory 2,400-4,800NT
    ※Maximum 8 people

    Total number of 38 rooms, Accessible 1 rooms

  • SanSenDai Homestay

    No. 42-2, Chengguang Road, Chenggong Township, Taitung County


    Double room 1,800-2,000NT
    Triple room 1,800-2,100NT
    Five people room 2,800-3,100NT

    Total number of 5 rooms, Accessible 1 rooms

  • East Coast Sea View Hotel

    No. 52-1, Taiping Road, Chenggong Township, Taitung County


    Superior Sea View Room 5,000NT
    Romantic Sea View Room 5,000NT
    Deluxe Sea View Room 7,000NT
    Honeymoon Sea View Suite 9,000NT
    VIP Suite 20,000NT
    Classic Sea View Room 5,000NT

    Total number of 58 rooms, Accessible 1 rooms

Must-Have Gifts

Bonito flakes, marlin floss, seasonal fruits (Valencia orange, navel orange), custard apples, rice, Aborigine handcrafts

Transport information

  • By car

    Drive along the Provincial Highway 11 to reach the various attractions

  • East Coast Line

    Use the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle to reach the various attractions


  • Hualien and Taitung regions still maintain the pure and simple local lifestyle and tribal characteristics, please respect the local people and customs while you enjoy and experience the areas.
  • Water activities require supervision by professional and qualified guides. Please do not enter the water by yourself and be careful of your own safety.
  • Before you come visit beautiful Taitung, please check and ensure you have your personal belonging and medication.