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The Marongarong Tribe
A tribe whose name derives from the roaring sound of the river Tribal Story
A tribe whose name derives from the roaring sound of the river

The word "Marongarong" means the fast flowing river. When the ancestors of the tribe first moved to this place, they heard the roaring sound of the river, and therefore named this place "Marongarong." Situated on the riverbank of the Mawuku River, Marongarong faces the river outlet to the sea and has the Seashore Mountain Range sitting on its back. Life in Marongarong is led by abundant natural resources: people gather in the mountains and fish in the sea and rivers. Its geographical features and the resources diversity attracted people to settle here and begin their new life.

Wild Vegetables and Seafood-Natural Feast Local Diet
Wild Vegetables and Seafood - Natural Feast

Using natural cooking methods, the Amis people transform fresh ingredients found in daily life into finger-licking cuisines that you simply cannot resist. Imagine that you sit in a traditional Marongarong tribe house and enjoy the special dishes, including glutinous rice with an original sweet taste, boiled vegetable, roasted chicken, sea urchins, marmoratu and even jellyfish. Bring your family and friends together to taste this amazing and unique cuisine!

Bamboo Rafting along the Mawuku River Authentic Journey
Bamboo Rafting along the Mawuku River

According to tribal traditions, before a bamboo raft is made, people must pray to their ancestors and spirits for its successful completion. Taught by the elders, youngsters learn and pass on this technic. A bamboo raft is not only a tool to make a living in the early days, but also a symbol of the tribe's culture. Therefore, during the rite of passage in the tribe, steering a bamboo raft across the rapid river is listed as one of the tests. Today, tourists can board an improved bamboo raft, experience bamboo rafting and feel the embrace of the Mawuku River.

Tribe House
Accommodation - Tribe House

Constructed with traditional techniques, the Marongarong Tribe House has the walls made of bamboo and the roof made of thatch. Based on a shared consensus, the completion of the Marongarong Tribe House is supported by all generations in the tribe. Therefore, the Marongarong Tribe House symbolizes not only a hope for the tribe's prosperous future but the blueprint of the tribe's dreams. Sitting by a fire in the tribe house at night means that exchange of emotions is taking place. In the Marongarong Tribe House, travelers can gather around the fire, play guitar, sing songs and share their life stories.

Chasing the Waves
Chasing the Waves

Walk barefoot on the beach, chase the waves and enjoy the fresh nature. At Jinzun Pavilion where overlooks the land-tied island and the beach, tourists can admire the beautiful scenery and have a cup of coffee in the gentle sea breeze. No words can describe the leisurely lifestyle. Just come to live this way!

Bike Tour in the Secluded Valley
Bike Tour in the Secluded Valley

Hum a joyful tune, cycle through the mountains and enjoy the bike ride in the Taiyuan Valley.

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