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Jajowan Motel


Posted Date:2011-08-05


TEL 089-832858
FAX 089-832939
Open Hours Sunday:07:30 – 21:30
Monday:07:30 – 21:30
Tuesday:07:30 – 21:30
Wednesday:07:30 – 21:30
Thursday:07:30 – 21:30
Friday:07:30 – 21:30
Saturday:19:30 – 21:30
The Information From Google.
Charge Range ±1100↑
(The actual price please contact the hotel)
Sunday:07:30 – 21:30
The Information From Google.
"Jajowan Motel is an extremly new East Coast resort-type hotel, it has a garden courtyard, and a diverse array of rooms that are quiet and clean. It is suitable for all kinds of guests.
On the first floor, there is a coffee shop with wireless broadband Internet access (bring your own laptop computer). There you can read books and magazines, eat of drink a coffee. They also provide services such as tourist information.
The hotel is near Changbin township, guests have free use of bicycles with no time limit."


(Please contact the industry for the actual price)

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