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055 Lobster Seafood


Posted Date:2011-07-21


TEL 03-8671055
Open Hours 11:00-21:00
Charge Range ±200↑
(The actual price please contact the hotel)
055 Lobster Seafood Restaurant is located behind Yanliao Lobster Seafood Restaurant. It is at the 13K marker on Highway 11 at the waterfront. The restaurant insists on using fresh local fish, and lobsters and other fresh seafood for their seafood dishes and various stir-fries.is known, is an available Lobster seafood restaurant overlooking the sea. Real seafood lovers eat lobsters in Yanliao. One big lobsters be prepared in three different ways, from steaming to frying, it can have so many differnt tastes. The small delicate lobster has sweeter meat, steaming is the recommend way for the best taste.


(Please contact the industry for the actual price)

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