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"Dauding Carpool East Coast" – Economical and Convenient

The East Coast National Scenic Area Administration introduces the "Dauding Carpool East Coast" service for the first time. By simply joining the LINE friends, you can make online vehicle reservations. Not only can you call a cab directly but also search for fellow passengers on the same route on the platform. Together, you can "dauding (carpool)" and split the fare.
The East Coast encompasses numerous distinctive experiential itineraries. But due to transportation limitations, many people can only choose to go by bus or drive themselves, making it particularly inconvenient for foreign tourists. To address this problem, the East Coast National Scenic Area Administration collaborates with "Dauding Carpool Taiwan Club" to develop the "Dauding Carpool East Coast" LINE platform matching system. Visitors not only can reserve a cab online but also find ride-sharing partners through matchmaking and take the trip together.

By adding the official "Dauding Carpool Taiwan Club " LINE account as a friend, you can access the "Dauding Carpool East Coast" reservation system via the menu. Currently, the reservations are open for a time frame at least 90 minutes earlier on the same day to within 30 days. In addition to the cab reservation service, you can also initiate ride-sharing invitations. Upon ing the reservation and successful payment, the system will display the driver's name and contact information. Moreover, it will calculate the fare split in real-time based on the mileage of each passenger.

Dauding Carpool also transforms the transportation process of travel into an opportunity for companionship and making acquaintances, enhancing the uniqueness of your journey to the East Coast.
  • Dauding Carpool East Coast
  • Dauding Carpool East Coast
  • Dauding Carpool East Coast