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Historic Mountain Trail

The forest trails are full of ecological terrain




Mountain Ancient Caravan Trail was once an access to the hot springs by the Nanliao path. Before, there were no roads around the island and the only route that crossed over Green Island was the Mountain Ancient Caravan Trail. Today, the mountain trail is a great place to experience Green Island’s mountain scenery! The total length of the trail is 1.85 km and it takes about 90 minutes round trip. The general route that most people take is from the west side of the trail which starts near the former village of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The whole trail is mostly steep steps. Good physical condition is required for the trail. 

Historic Mountain Trail



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How to Get There


1.It takes about 90 minutes to go around the mountain trail. Good physical condition is required.
2.Conserving nature, and maintaining a clean and tidy environment is everyone’s responsibility.
3.Please take precautions against the sun and the strong winter winds.