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Low-Carbon Eco-Tour

Reasons to love Green Island are plentiful. The vast sea, the countryside scenery, or the genuinely hospitable local ambiance, all of which are natural gifts to travelers to Green Island. With your effort, the wonderful characteristics of Green Island can be sustained. You can choose to hop on an E-bike and perhaps bring some trash home with you. It is also important to abide by rules governing nighttime eco-tours. Let’s strive to preserve the beauty of Green Island together.

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    Between Sea and Land, the Intertidal Zone

    Between low tide and high tide emerges a robust land that nurtures numerous lives, the intertidal zone. Under shallow crystal clear seawater, it is home to a variety of sea creatures including pufferfish, starfish and more. A visit to the intertidal zone is a fun activity for all visitors.

    (Photo credit: Green Island Intertidal Zone Guide, Wang Yu-Yi)

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    Crab Protection Mission

    Two campaigns in Green Island invite visitors to join in efforts protecting hermit crabs and land crabs. From May to September, the mating season of land crabs, the Crab Protection Escort campaign calls for visitors to help female land crabs carrying eggs to cross the street safely. The House Agent campaign, on the other hand, invites participants to search for shells suitable for hermit crabs.

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    Meet the One and Only- Formosan Sika Deer

    Formerly on the brink of extinction, Formosan sika deer are now found in Green Island and Kenting thanks to the restoration program. Formosan sika deer was initially brought to Green Island for antler sales. Today, the lovely deer are now the highlight of nighttime tours. Fortunate visitors might even run into a herd of wild sika deer!

    (Photo credit: Liang Chi-Yi)

    Unique Store
    The Sika Deer Store opens during the day. Visitors can buy and send postcards, take pictures with the adorable wood cottage, and perhaps run into a cute sika deer!

    Green Island Sikadeerstore
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    Finding Camouflaged Stick Insects

    In addition to Formosan sika deer, another protected species found only in Green Island and Kenting is the Megacrania tsudai. It is not easy to identify a camouflaged Megacrania tsudai as it blends right into the surrounding greeneries. Pandanus tectorius, a tree found at the seaside, is home to Megacrania tsudais as the leaves are their favorite food.

    (Photo credit: Tseng Jing)

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