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Everlasting Joy in Green Island

You would probably assume that the trip is about to end after having seen the beautiful underwater view and historical sites in Green Island. But there is more! You can cycle along the Round Island Highway where uniquely-shaped rocks or perhaps some Formosan Sika Deer at the Fanchuanbi Grassland can be sighted. The sunset view at Green Island Lighthouse is also highly recommended. To call it a day, you might also want to visit the Little Great Wall at Haishenping for stargazing. In short, you will find everlasting joy in Green Island!

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    Starry Night at Haishenping

    Haishenping features a natural coral reef coast where the beautiful waves meet an abundance of special-shaped rocks as a result of coastal erosion. The scenic trail is praised as Little Great Wall for its picturesque view. Located in a less populated part of Green Island in the East, Haishenping is best for stargazing as it has minimum artificial light. If the weather permits, you can easily spot countless sparkling stars and even the milky way.

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    Unforgettable Sea View at Fanchuanbi Grassland

    Due to the monsoon and topography, Fanchuanbi is a plain where only grass thrives. The carpet of lavishly green grassland seems to extend to the ocean afar. Home to goats, Formosan sika deer, and migratory birds during spring and autumn, Fanchuanbi Grassland is a scenic destination especially popular among photographers.

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    An Imaginative Voyage through Weirdly-Shaped Rocks

    Due to sea and wind erosion, Green Island boasts an abundance of special-shaped rocks. To name a few, the Sleeping Beauty and Pekingese Dog and Confucius Rock at Haishenping, Turkey Rock near Zhaori Hot Spring, and General Rock with a helmet in Gongguan Village. With an extra bit of imagination, your trip to Green Island will become an unforgettable voyage full of surprises.

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    Green Island Lighthouse, the beacon to home

    As an appreciation token to people of Green Island that courageously joined the rescue operation of the wreck of SS President Hoover, the American Red Cross funded the Green Island Lighthouse. The white beacon stands at the northwestern coast of Green Island, directing ships away from potential danger. Also reputed for the sunset view, the lighthouse itself in orange sunset hues is a classic scenery of Green Island.

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