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Cultural Travel through the Historical Sites in Green Island

Although Green Island is best known as a holiday destination favored among vacationers, it is also a place rich in history and culture. Visitors can learn about impressive stories of the prisoners held on this island during the White Terror period.

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    Lüdao Visitor Center

    Ludao (Green Island) Visitor Center sits in front of the airport, welcoming visitors upon arrival with exhibitions and multimedia display to quickly introduce Green Island to newcomers. It is where visitors can easily browse through the abundant island scenery all at once. Even without any plans, you will find all the information you need at the visitor center.

    Open Time:08:30-17:00
    Address:No. 298, Nanliao Vil., Ludao Township, Taitung County 951

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    Green Island Prison

    Many people would probably still associate Green Island with gang leaders. In fact, Green Island Prison is still a functioning correction facility that holds the most notorious gang members behind bars. Though the prison sounds gruesome, the booming tourism sector light up the ambiance today. The prison’s Green Art Workshop is open to the public. The 3D wall featuring special traits of Green island is also a widely popular tourist attraction perfect for pictures!

    Address:No. 192, Zhongliao Vil., Ludao Township, Taitung County 951

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    National Human Rights Museum – White Terror Memorial Park

    Due to the offshore location, Green Island was a place where political prisoners were held in captivity during a politically sensitive time. Prisoners then were sent to the Oasis Villa and New Life Correction Center for labor and thought transformation. Though slightly gloomy for the historical background, the museum and memorial park are great places for learning about a past era in Taiwan.

    Open Time:09:00-17:00
    Address:No. 20, Jiangjunyan, Ludao Township, Taitung County 951

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    Brother Story

    Brother Story is a store nearby Nanliao Harbor featuring a unique theme on big brothers (gang leaders). The interior décor is inspired by a prison setting, giving visitors heebie-jeebies with a twist of fun. In addition to being a great spot for photos, the store also offers themed souvenirs.

    Open Time:09:00-23:00
    Address:No. 27-1, Fish Port Rd., Nanliao Vil., Ludao Township, Taitung County 951

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