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Transport Information

From Airport to Taitung

From Airport to Taitung

Taoyuan Airport (take Airport MRT or bus) → Taipei Main Station (take the train) → Taitung Railway Station / 5hr

Songshan Airport (take Taipei Metro) → Taipei Main Station (take the train) → Taitung Railway Station / 4hr

Songshan Airport (take domestic flight) → Taitung Airport / 1hr

Kaohsiung International Airport (take Kaohsiung Metro) → Kaohsiung Railway Station (take the train) → Taitung Railway Station / 3hr

Arrival at Taoyuan International Airport

Taoyuan International Airport ↔ Taipei Main Station 

Taipei Main Station ↔ 4-hour train ride ↔ Taitung Railway Station

Taoyuan Airport MRT

Terminal 1 ↔ Express: 36 min ↔ Taipei Main Station

Terminal 1 ↔ Commuter: 50 min ↔ Taipei Main Station

Terminal 2 ↔ Express: 39 min ↔ Taipei Main Station

Terminal 2 ↔ Commuter: 53 min ↔ Taipei Main Station 

Ticket Information

Tickets are available for purchase at any Taoyuan Metro Station. Passengers can also use EasyCard or iPASS to ride the metro system.
Single-journey is NT$160. Discount tickets, periodic tickets, and group tickets are available for purchase as well. Go to the 「Taoyuan Metro official website」 for more information.

Route Map


Taoyuan International Airport ↔ 60-minute bus ride ↔ Taipei Main Station 

Ticket Information

Purchase tickets at bus counter. 
Single-ride fare ranges from NT$110 to 140. The ride is about 60 minutes. 

Bus line information

T1 bus terminal is located on B1 of Arrivals.

T2 bus terminal is located at the northeast arcade on the 1st floor of Arrivals.

Taoyuan International Airport

Address: No.9, Hangzhan S. Rd., Taoyuan City

Terminal 1 service number: +886-3-2735081

Terminal 2 service number: +886-3-2735086

Arrival at Taipei Songshan Airport 

Taipei Songshan Airport (take domestic flight) ↔ Taitung Airport 

Uni Air Online booking
Mandarin Airlines Online booking

Taipei Songshan Airport ↔ 16-minute metro ride via Wenhu Line and Bannan Line ↔ Taipei Main Station (4-hour train ride) ↔ Taitung Railway Station

※ Songshan Airport Metro Station is in Terminal 1 (International Departure).

Taipei Songshan Airport

Address: No.340-9, Dunhua N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City

24-hour service hotline

International flights telephone number: +886-2-8770-3430

Domestic flights telephone number: +886-2-8770-3460

Business Hours 06:00~22:00

Arrival at Kaohsiung International Airport

Kaohsiung International Airport ↔ 18-minute metro ride via the Red Line ↔ Kaohsiung Railway Station

Kaohsiung Railway Station ↔ 2.5-hour train ride ↔ Taitung Railway Station

Kaohsiung International Airport

Address: No.2, Zhongshan 4th Rd., Xiaogang Dist., Kaohsiung City

International flights telephone number: +886-7-805-7631

Domestic flights telephone number: +886-7-805-7630

How to get to Green Island

How to get to Green Island

You can take a ferry or flight to Green Island. The ferry schedule between Green Island and Taitung may differ based on weather or tidal conditions. Passengers are advised to check with the ferry company beforehand and arrive at the harbor earlier. 

Taitung Airport ↔ Green Island / 15 min

Taitung Fugang Fishing Harbor ↔ Green Island Nanliao Harbor / 50 min

By Airplane
By Airplane

By Airplane(IG@ssean22tw)

It takes about 15 minutes to fly from Taitung Airport to Green Island via the 19-seat light aircraft. 
※ There are only 19 seats available per flight. Passengers who wish to fly to Green Island are strongly advised to book a flight as earlier as possible and arrive at the airport 30 minutes before take-off.

Taitung→Green Island Green Island→Taitung

※ Please refer to the official announcement of Daily Air Corporation for up-to-date schedule.



Daily Air Online Booking

Tel 089-362485

Taitung 089-362676

Green Island 089-671261

By Ferry
By Ferry

Get to Taitung Fugang Fishing Harbor

Visitors arriving at Taitung Airport or Taitung Railway Station can take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, Ding Dong Bus, Puyuma Bus or a taxi to Fugang Fishing Harbor.
※ Taxi: Taxi fare from Taitung Railway Station to Fugang Fishing Harbor is about NT$300 to 350. Taking a taxi is more flexible.
※ Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, Ding Dong Bus, Puyuma Bus: Bus fare is about NT$25 to 38. Passengers must arrange the schedule carefully to connect to the ferry.



Taiwan Trip-East Coast Line
Ding Dong Bus
Puyuma Bus – Express Line

Get to Nanliao Harbor in Green Island

It takes about 50 minutes from Fugang Harbor in Taitung to Nanliao Harbor in Green Island by boat.


Single-ride fare

  • Full fare ticket: NT$560
  • Concession ticket: NT$280 (Eligibility: children under 12 years old, senior passengers over 65 years old, disabled passengers and their escorts)
  • Insurance ticket: NT$100 (Eligibility: children under 3 years old)

※Please refer to the information announced by ferry companies in cases of a price difference.



Maritime Port Bureau. MOTC



Transportation on Green Island

Transportation on Green Island


The easiest way to get around Green Island is to rent a scooter. Rental e-scooters are also available for an environmentally friendly traveling style. If you are looking to physically explore Green Island at a slow pace, biking around is also a great option!
※ Fact: The round-the-island route of Green Island is 20 kilometers.

Round-the-island Tour Bus

(Source: Ludao TownShip Office)

The round-the-island tour bus departs from Nanliao Harbor, takes a clockwise loop around Green island via the Round-the-island Highway and returns to Nanliao Harbor. The bus interval is 2 hours. Along the tour, it stops at the Cultural and Human Rights Park, Guanyin Cave, the Sleeping Beauty, and other major attractions. Passengers who got off at any stop would have to get on the next bus to proceed with the tour.

Fare (Tickets are available on the bus upon boarding.)

Full price ticket: NT$100 both low season (January to March & October to December) and high season (April to September).

Concession ticket: NT$50 (Eligibility: Passengers under 12 years old, over 65 years old, and the disabled)

Bus Schedule

Schedule on long holidays and during high season (April to October)

Morning schedule 【08:30】【09:20】【10:10】【11:00】

Afternoon schedule 【13:30】【14:20】【15:10】【16:00】【16:50】

Schedule on days that are not part of a long holiday during low season (November to March)

Morning schedule 【08:30】【09:30】【10:40】

Afternoon schedule 【13:30】【14:40】【15:30】

Tel: Green Island TownShip Office 089-671272、089-672510#16