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Chaikou Snorkeling Area

The diving paradise in Lüdao




There are two main snorkeling areas in Lüdao, namely Chaikou and Shilang. Chaikou is not only suitable for novices to try snorkeling, but is also exceptionally good for being located on the sheltered side in June to August every year when the strong southwest wind hits Lüdao. Chaikou is famous for its magnificent stony coral landscape. The varying depth of the ocean gives a sense of layering, allowing people to enjoy the magnificent underwater landscape to the full. 
Chaikou diving area is located in the intertidal zone between the coastal waters and the large reef. There are different levels in the ocean: At the bottom, there are standing submarine reefs; while near the shore, you can find reef platforms between the coastal seabed and the large reef, covered by clumps and surface-stretching stony corals. After snorkeling, walk on the diving trail to observe intertidal creatures up close. You can find seaweed, sea urchins, and starfish.
The Han people who reclaimed Lüdao in the early days fought with the indigenous peoples on the island. The two settlements built wooden walls during the stand-off, and therefore the name, "Zhakou" (meaning wooden gate). Later, with local development and construction, it was renamed "Chaikou." The north coast between Gongguan to Chaikou and Zhongliao has the widest area of coastal plain in Lüdao. The coastal landscape is mainly fringing reefs. Chaikou and Zhongliao are the best places in Lüdao to nurture sand dunes and they are also the only two beaches in Lüdao.




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How to Get There


1. Chaikou has a diving trail that facilitates divers and snorkelers getting into the water and protecting the nature of other areas against human threats.
2. After snorkeling, do not forget to observe intertidal creatures. You can see starfish, sea urchins and seaweed.
3. There are many diving spots in the waters of Lüdao surrounding the island, suitable for diving activities all year round.