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2016 Taiwan Cycling Festival,Hong Kong Travelers Roaming the East Coast


Posted Date:2016-10-24


The third stage "Amis Traditional Lifestyle Tour" of "2016Taiwai Cycling Festival - Bike Tour of Tribal Villages and Xiuguluan River Rafting" organized by East Coast National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications (ECNSA) will be launched on September 24 & 25. The two-day event is different from the traditional tribal travel. It allows the participants to actually experience the traditional fishing in Xiuguluan River by the early Amis people, learn from the tribe people to make Cifar (traditional utensils), enjoy the delicious stone hot pot and dance wildly with the rocking Amis people in warm night breeze in autumn, which will definitely make the tour the most unforgettable memories.
We have invited the most special participants for such special tour - the moderator of the well-known Hong Kong blog "Travel with V * Little V Travel" as well as Mr. Wei-Kuang Chen and Ms. Li-Hua Chen - the winners of the award-winning program in the three sharing sessions of Hong Kong tour exhibition of "Taiwan Cycling Festival" launched in June, who have also invited some of their friends for this Amis traditional lifestyle tour. They have shown great interest in the "Taiwan Cycling Festival" since in Hong Kong tour exhibition and we believe that their participation will allow them to obtain a brand new understanding of the tribes in Taiwan and bring them the most unforgettable memories.
2016 Taiwai Cycling Festival "Bike Tour of Tribal Villages and Xiuguluan River Rafting" includes a total of four stages, respectively are "White Crab Bike Tour", "Tatadok", "Amis Traditional Lifestyle Tour" and "Sea Breathing". The first two stages have been successfully completed. You can log in Facebook Fans Page or the official website of "Taiwan Cycling Festival" or E-Better website to register for the third and fourth stage of the activity.
We welcome those who love travel, sports and the exploration of tribes and eco-culture. Do not miss the last stage on November 12. Let's join hand in hand and take actions to understand the most profound and ingenious "Taiwan Cycling Festival" and experience the world's best Pacific Coast bike light travel.
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