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Learn about the ancient life wisdom of mountains and sea.

Entering the East Coast tribes - Yilei! Travel in sea style

Would you like to join the "sea style" gang?

This happy gang of enthusiastic and hospitable indigenes will always greet you with the most sea-style personality and take you to the mountains and the seaside to eat, drink, and laugh together. Riding the wind, you can enjoy this place freely and joyfully.

The life circles of various tribes have merged into the vast cultural landscape like tributaries into the sea. The sea-style residents always live in the way closest to the sea, leading an open-minded and unrestrained life.
When you come chasing the waves with the heart yearning for travel, you can also share everything here given by the sea and appreciate a journey as bright and vast as the ocean.

Join us in cheering in the indigenous style!
You are welcome to join the largest "gang" on the East Coast—the sea-style people. Let us take care of you with the most sea-style personality and enrich your sea-style vacation! Yilie!

Note: "Yilie" is used to express amazement in the Amis spoken language. It can be understood as being similar to "wow" in English.

  • Tribal Working Holiday

    Tribal Working Holiday

    Become a true member of the tribe!

    The East Coast tribal working holiday has become one of the most intimate ways to deeply experience the East Coast tribal culture! Give yourself an enthusiastic vacation by spending some "sun-time" (day) and "moon-time" (night) at the tribe. Move around the forest and sea with the East Coast tribesmen and do something meaningful for the tribe.
    Listen to tribal hunters' stories of bravery and adventure in the mountains and learn the skills of coexisting with nature. Learn from the Ina (mothers) of the tribe about cooking authentic tribal cuisine and various traditional skills. Are you tired of the fast pace of the city and long for the freedom of living in nature but can't find a way to it? Choose a suitable time and let yourself go. Head down to the East Coast to live like a real tribesman.

  • East Coast Tribal Summer Camp

    East Coast Tribal Summer Camp

    A camp that lets the children run wild in the mountains and sea

    Being sent into the wilderness is a process of exploring the unknown and finding courage.
    It starts from the land and from the tribe. Children must let go of electronics and the dazzling sound and video effects in games and animations so that they can explore the environment different from the city. In unfamiliar situations, they must explore and take on challenges, and learn to overcome fear and cope with danger. In this process, from experiencing the primitive tribal life, children will learn to be in and with nature, and understand the value of ecology and environmental protection, from which they will broaden their world view.

  • Pahanhan Tribal Corner Shop

    Pahanhan Tribal Corner Shop

    The local kiosk for East Coast travels

    "Pahanhan" means "place of rest" in the Amis language. "Pahanhan tribal corner shop" is the tribe's most important information exchange hub with revamped planning and design. In addition to selling daily necessities, the novel tribal corner shop is also serving as the tribal information exchange, tourism information center, and a provider of guided tours. With the diverse services, it has not only become the community center for local residents, but also the primary service window for visitors. At present, the shops on the East Coast that serve as Pahanhan tribal corner shops include Madawdaw in Chenggong, Dongi in Changbin, Baoshan Grocery Store in Cawi Tribe, and Costal Coffee in Tingalaw Tribe.

  • Ocean Home B&B

    Ocean Home B&B

    A local accommodation brand of the East Coast

    Ocean Home B&Bs is an accommodation brand that promotes tribal characteristics. In order to establish the brand of the East Coast tribal slow tours, the East Coast National Scenic Area Administration has selected suitable spaces to turn into B&Bs in the tribes since 2014. With space improvement and B&B service coaching, the Ocean Home B&Bs have been created. Combined with tribal tours, guests from all around the world can enjoy an in-depth tribal cultural experience. At present, Candy at Country in Cawi Tribe, Mulan's House in Paterungan Tribe, Grandma Feng's Inn and Auntie's Flowers Homestay in Ciwkangan Tribe are all members of Ocean Home B&Bs. They await your visit!

  • Amis Kakeng Musical Group

    Amis Kakeng Musical Group

    Following the tribal music and dance, feel the passionate East Coast vibes

    The Amis music and dance is a wonderful chapter not to be missed when visiting the East Coast. In the tribal music and dance that is a fusion of tradition and innovation, you can learn about the life stories of the Amis people and appreciate the vitality and enthusiasm in their tribal cultural heritage.
    Paw Paw Drum is performed by the youths of Pisirian Tribe. Using a percussion instrument made from buoys (Amis: Pawpaw), their performance encompasses the energy of the tribal youths and made the tribe famous.
    The Amis Kakeng Musical Group at the Amis Folk Center in Duli uses the unique traditional percussion instrument, Kakeng—an instrument used to announce the great news at weddings when the husband will join the Amis woman's family and bear the family name. Combined with singing, their inspiring performances have made a name internationally. The Amis Folk Center is chosen as the base for cultural development, training, and performances. Through generational gaps and integration, it is hoped that they will continue to ""announce the great news"" and pass down indigenous art and culture from generation to generation. The Amis society is matrilineal.

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