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  • 台11線嚴選-大地藝術作品
  • 台11線嚴選-部落
  • 台11線嚴選-藝術
  • 台11線嚴選-運動
  • 台11線嚴選-生態

Travel on Provincial Highway 11

From sea to summit in the shortest distance

East Coast spans across the mountains and sea of Hualien and Taitung, as well as a 168-kilometer-long coastline.

Following along the stunningly blue Provincial Highway 11, you can fully enjoy the wild and romantic sides of the East Coast in the various themed tours.

A trip to the tribes will allow you to see the multiculturalism of the East Coast and the indigenous life wisdom; while in an art-themed trip you will learn about the abundant creative energy bred by the magnificent mountains and sea;

A sports-themed trip lets your body, through participating in various sports, absorb the vitality of the East Coast sun;

An ecological trip with activities in the mountains and sea will enhance your five senses so that you can deeply appreciate the amazing ecology of the East Coast;

A trip to the small towns along Provincial Highway 11 will make you fall in love with them immediately…

And return to visit the East Coast again and again!

"The Best of Provincial Highway 11"

carefully selects various tours under five major themes, taking you to tour around the East Coast in the shortest distance!

  • 部落


    Learn about the ancient life wisdom of mountains and sea

    Indigenous culture on the East Coast is the most important theme of tribal tourism. While the Amis are the majority on the East Coast, along Provincial Highway 11 there are other ethnic groups such as the Sakizaya and Kebalan peoples. After going deep into the East Coast and staying with the tribes, you will find that the people living in the mountains and by the sea and river in different regions of Hualien and Taitung have developed various tribal rituals, costumes, and lifestyles as the time and space evolve.
    Want to learn more about the East Coast stories? Let's head down to the East Coast tribes now! Listen carefully to the stories told by the tribesmen, try traditional archery, participate in weaving and wine making, and taste meals with local flavors to learn about the ancient life wisdom of coexisting with nature.

  • 藝術


    Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and indulge in the artsy vibes of the Pacific Ocean.

    The magnificent landscape and colorful ecology of the East Coast, with the endless circle of life, nourish the native creators as well as bring artists from everywhere here to settle down. These artists have abundant creative energy just like the mountains and sea and use different media and art forms—performance arts such as music and dance, or visual arts such as sculpture, weaving, pottery, photography, and videography—to convey the past and present of the East Coast. Through the creations, the story of the land, people, and nature of East Coast is repeatedly told and carried forward.

  • 運動


    Sweat out and feel the burn of the Eastern sun!

    Step out from the gym and forget about the repetitive indoor training for a moment. Come to the East Coast to do sports, enjoy the beautiful scenery, accelerate the generation of dopamine in your brain, and make it the most joyful sports trip!
    The sunny East Coast is suitable for visiting with a few friends to ride bicycles together along the blue Provincial Highway 11 or participate in the challenging rafting triathlon and King Kong Marathon.
    In addition to land sports, there are also a wide variety of water and underwater activities, such as diving, rafting, surfing, kayaking, stand-up paddling, lazy river, bamboo rafting, and sailing. The beautiful scenery of the East Coast can be viewed from the water unobstructed, and you also get a chance to make new friends from all around the world!

  • 生態


    Encountering the ecological paradise of the East Coast

    The warm sunshine, vast land, diverse ecology, and ever-changing sights of day and night make every visitor to the East Coast marvel at the world-class scenery that could only be seen on the National Geographic Channel.
    See the peculiar rocks and help hermit crabs change their homes in Xiaoyeliu; visit Sanxiantai at night to see the starry sky; sail out to sea to see the magical cetaceans; visit Green Island to learn about the unique geology of a volcanic island; or dive into sea to visit the world-class diving spots. The vitality of the East Coast is worth experiencing in person!

  • 小鎮


    Enjoy a fun and relaxing trip of mountains, sea, and people

    In the healing blue corridor that slows down your pace, every settlement here has its own story. The East Coast Sightseeing Zone took inventory of local tourism resources; and under the theme of Provincial Highway 11, the potential industries and stores of Yanliao, Shuilian, the Two Bin's (Changbin and Fengbin), Xiuguluan, Chenggong, Donghe, Fugang, South Link Highway, and Green Island are selected to create wonderful tours and itineraries that allow visitors to explore the beauty of the East Coast in depth.