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Special edition: Chasing the sunrise in the East Coast

Where is the best place to watch the sunrise? The East Coast of Taiwan is the answer!

  • Sanxiantai sunrise


    Sanxiantai boasts one of the world’s best sunrise views. People visit all the time to capture the beautiful scenery with their cameras, whether it is for stars, the milky way, or the morning light. When taking the pictures of the pools in the gravel area, professional photographers will use the reflection of light and shadow as the elements to compose the pictures, which is a little trick to get a unique picture of the sunrise. The event “Witness the First Dawn” held in Sanxiantai on New Year’s day every year is the highlight of the year. The activities, such as “First Dawn Concert”, “Beach Cleanup”, “Give Hermit Crab a Home”, “Enable the Mail Box of Baby Sun”, and “Redeem the Limited Edition Postcards”, are included in the event held every year; they make the time waiting for the sunrise fun and engaging.

    No.74,Jihui Rd.,Sanxian Vil., Chenggong Township


  • Jialulan sunrise


    Jialulan is one of the famous attractions in Taitung. It’s a place where the installation artworks are set up for the Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival. It’s also a nice spot to see the blue sea and brilliant starry sky. As few know the stunning sunrise in Jialulan, you do not need to enjoy the sunrise with a huge crowd of people. Plan a vacation so you and someone you love dearly can snuggle together by the shore and watch the sun rise slowly over the horizon, which is surely the most romantic thing to do!

    Go north for one kilometer from Fugang Fishery Harbor.ng County


  • King Kong Boulevard sunrise

    King Kong Boulevard

    Some say that Changbin Township has the most beautiful coastline in Taitung. King Kong Boulevard, which is part of Zhongyong Bike Trail, is located right at Changguang Tribe, Changbin Township. Here, you can be embraced by King Kong Mountain and the Pacific Ocean, while quietly watching the orange lights rising out of the other side of the sea, making your journey a more memorable one. If you come here by car, we suggest you park your car nearby and then walk here so that the Boulevard won’t be obstructed and people can take a better picture.

    Country Road East 13, Changguang Community, Changbin Township, Taitung County.


  • Dashibishan Trail sunrise

    Dashibishan Trail

    Dashibishan Trail, a mysterious spot by the coastline, has remained one of the hottest attractions in recent years. The Dashibishan Trail is located at the center of the Jiqi Tribe. There are quite different views on both sides of the trail. After climbing the wooden steps, you will stand high to overlook the beguiling views of the blue sea and sky, or sit in the pavilion to clear the cluttered mind and heal any bruised feelings. Bring a flashlight when you come up to see the sunrise and watch your steps when climbing to avoid danger.

    No.49, Gui’an, Fengbin Township, Hualien County. The entry is diagonally across the street.

  • Green Island sunrise

    Green Island

    In order to see the beautiful sunrise on Green Island, which is not far Taiwan Island, people have to hit the road on their motorcycles way before daybreak. If you visit Green Island, don’t miss the outdoor hot spring in Zhaori. Bathe in the natural ocean hot spring, listen to the beautiful melody of sea waves breaking against the shore, and watch the dazzling sunrise in the distance, all of which will make you feel like you are in an exotic country. It will definitely be a trip you are going to savor again and again.