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Shilang Diving Area

Fun activities
  • Chances to see schools of flying fish jumping on the sea every April and summer
  • Beautiful coral reefs in Lüdao
  • World’s deepest pygmy seahorse underwater mailbox
  • Waters suitable for scuba diving and snorkeling
The warm Pacific black current flows past Green Island, and it is a
perfect breeding ground for a variety of coral reefs and soft coral forest. It has not only become a world-class diving paradise, but also well-known for its snorkeling spots.
The waters around Shilang have some of the most precious soft and hard coral. It is like a natural sea garden which attracts lot of colorful tropical fish and hence a great place for divers to explore the wonderful coral world. 
  • Payphone
  • Gas Station
  • View Point
  • Bus station
1.If you want to dive, please contact a legal local diving business, and follow the instructions of a coach. Please do not go diving alone.

2.Please do not get too close to the cliffs. Safety first.

3.Conserving nature, and maintaining a clean and tidy environment is everyone’s responsibility.

4.Please take precautions against the sun and the strong winter winds.