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Niutou Hill

Fun activities
  • The sunset of Niutou Mountain is one of the superb views of Green Island
  • Enjoy the 360-degree scenery surrounded by the ocean
  • Chances to see buffalo playing in the water
  • You can see goats foraging in the grassland
Niutou Hill is surrounded by sea on three sides. The peak is a big green grass of prairie, which is the best location to watch the sea, the waves and the sunset. Niutou Hill is also famous for its sunset view of Green Island. From Niutou Hill, one can see Guanyin Cave in the distance. Guanyin Cave is in the northeast corner of Green Island, about 300m off the coast. Looking from Niutou Hill toward Guanyin Cave, it looks like arches. This is why it is known as the Guanyin Cave. It is the most representative sea caves on Green Island. One can take a power boat to pass through the cave and watch the changing sea around it. 

Niutou Hill
  • View Point
  • Trail
1.If you want to dive, please contact a legal local diving business, and follow the instructions of a coach. Please do not go diving alone.

2.Please do not get too close to the cliffs. Safety first.

3.Conserving nature, and maintaining a clean and tidy environment is everyone’s responsibility.

4.Please take precautions against the sun and the strong winter winds.