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Fun activities
  • There is a "Confucius Rock" under the cliffs in south of Haisenping
  • Visit Guanhai Pavilion on the Little Great Wall Trail to enjoy the most beautiful bay of Lüdao
  • The place with the least light pollution in Lüdao
Haicanping is located on the east of Green Island. It is a moon-shaped coral reef gulf formed from volcanic rock. On the slope of the north of Haicanping Little Great Wall Trail leads to the pavilion on top of the headland and from there, tourists can overlook Haican. Because of reef and water erosion at Haicanping, there are many odd-shaped rocks, such as the famous Fairy Stones, Confucius Rock, Sleeping Beauty, Pug Dog Rock. Since the east coast is devoid of light during the evening, this is a perfect location for star gazing. 

  • Parking lot
  • View Point
  • Bus station
  • Trail
1.Seaside rocks are slippery. Please watch your step.

2.Please be informed of the weather and the tides when touring around the coast. Safety first.

3.Conserving nature, and maintaining a clean and tidy environment is everyone’s responsibility.

4.Please take precautions against the sun and the strong winter winds.