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The tribal community has the charm of eco-tourism


Posted Date:2012-05-26


" A'tolan is the largest tribal community on the southern East Coast. A'tolan Mountain has always been regarded with tribal admiration as the ""Holy Mountain."" It is not only a symbol of art and culture for the folklore, but tourists can also enjoy the rustic charm of a mountain hike!
The Amis tribe has put lots of effort into promoting community culture in recent years. Beacuse of the promotion, the dances and songs are even more exquisite now, and the fine arts and crafts are also more innovative. Also the healthy Amis cuisine is absolutely worth a try.
The A'tolan region not only has third degree historic sites, the coastal tidal zone it also has highly ecological characteristics of the Ami tribe, ""Water Running Upwards"", and the ""Moonlight Inn"" where the film ""Under the Moonlight I Remember"" was filmed. Other than the ""Moonlight Inn"", there is the beautiful Jiamu Bay, the Brown Sugar Culture Museum of Art at Shin-dong Sugar Factory and the great mountain (A'tolan Mountain)!



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1.In order to prevent tourist crowds affecting tribal peace, or cultural friction, please respect the local culture and keep the land clean. Let's protect the land together.

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