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Fun activities
  • Artworks created by East Coast artists are popular photo spots
  • An important exhibition venue for the art installations of the TECLandArts Festival
  • The most beautiful starry sky in Taitung
  • The most beautiful bus stop on the East Coast
There is a large grass field , a pagoda, a tourist center and a lookout area at Jialulan Recreation Area. It not only offers a great place for a rest while traveling the coast, it is also a great place to take photos. Tourists can enjoy the sound of waves, the ocean breeze and the sun in Jialulan. Besides the natural beauty, there is a lot of driftwood art. Every year during summer and fall, a group of artists gather together and present their art in a market exchange at Jialulan Recreation Area. The art stresses on the presentation of original and natural materials. The exhibition includes outdoor exhibitions and live music. All these events make tourists who travel here feel the originality of the East Coast and the culture of the island.
Recommended Tour
【First day】Xiaoyeliu Jialulan Doulan
【Second day】 Sanxiantai Shiyusan Wushibi Baxian Cave
1.In order to prevent environmental damage by tourists, please keep Taiwan clean when you travel, and help protect the environment.

2.Summer sun can be harmful, please take precautions.