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Fugang Fishery Harbor

The Local Conditions around Jialulan Bay


Posted Date:2012-10-22


Fugang, formerly known as “Houzi” (“Monkey”) was the first station for reaching Green Island as used by the East Coast’s early indigenous people, from this point they would move towards the coastlines, and the nearby region still has ruins left behind; local indigenous people still remain on the relatively high wave-cut platform to the southwest side of the modern port area. After the construction of Fugang fishing port, a section of inhabitants also moved location to the wave-cut platform as inhabited by the local fisherman on the west side. In the old days of Fugang’s new housing development many Han ethnic Chinese moved here, the residents making use of local farming to make a living and setting up homes along the road.



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Recommended Tour

Day 1: Taidong City>Fugang Fishing Harbor>Xieo Yeliui> Jialulan Scenic Area
Day 2: Shui Wang Shang Liu> Dulan> Donghe Leisure Farm>Amis Folk Center

How to Get There

Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.


1. The harbor is open all day; fish are sold from around 8am to 5 pm.
2. There is a fish market at Fugang where visitors can buy cheap fresh seafood and, nearby, are also restaurants that serve seafood.

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