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Pre-historic bay ruins – Ancient Lao-gu stone huts


Posted Date:2012-10-22


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Youzihu (Youzi Lake) is in fact not a lake itself; rather it is a little fishing village. The so-called “hu” (lake) is in fact a sound mutation of the Fujianese dialect word “ao” (harbour). It is located on the north side of Haishenping. It is a harbor lying between the coast and the mountains, its terrain wide and flat. A village from the early years of Green Island’s development, even though the residents have already left in entirety, the traditional homes resplendent with local features are built from layering Lao-Gu stones (coral reef rocks) and the dazzling yellow coloration of the sunset glow lighting up the historical ruins adds an even denser sense of nostalgia.
Youzihu is an important grouping of historical ruins for Green Island, and during the time of Japanese occupation it was considered relatively important by scholars; afterwards classical archaeology scholars took surveys and conducted test digs, digging up a large amount of pre-historical animal bones, fish bones, shells, and pottery fragments. From this it may be inferred that Green Island’s pre-historical humans had close dealings with the communities of eastern Taiwan and Hengchun Peninsula, which archaelogically and historically has an important significance; nowadays this place has also been selected as a planned stop on international sightseeing hotel tours.
The seascape beside Youzihu is the most natural of Green Island and with the richest coastal variation: there is coral skirting, a white coral reef and shellfish sand beach, the collected rocks that make up black Youzihu, as well as a volcanic rock rim and other such geological features.


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How to Get There

Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.


1. The roads on Green Island are winding and the speed limit is 40kmh. Riders of scooters should ride with care.
2. Many of the local sights are reached by going along narrow winding streets so walking or riding a scooter is the best way to reach them.

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