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Fun activities
  • An important prehistoric site in Lüdao
  • See the traditional houses made of coral stone
  • Go on an adventure to Wangong Cave, Cuihu, and Blue Cave
Youzihu is located in the north of Haishenping. It used to be a small fishing village. Although all the residents have moved away, the traditional houses made of coral reefs remain distinctive. When the sunset is reflected on the ruins of the ancient house, the yellow color tone adds a strong sense of nostalgia to the scenery. In addition to admiring the old settlements, follow a local guide to explore the popular secluded spots of Wangong (arching bow) Cave, Green Lake, and Blue Cave. Feel the cool breeze in the cave, dive into the blue cave to enjoy the underwater world, or jump into the green lake to swim and enjoy the coolness in the summer ocean. Youzihu

The seascape next to Youzihu is the most natural and varied coast of the entire Lüdao. There are fringing reefs, white coral reef shell sand beaches, black Youzihu agglomerates, volcanic rock necks and other geological landscapes. There are also sea caves nearby, with fringing reefs of various shapes at the opening of the caves. These fringing reefs are great spots to observe the intertidal zone creatures and crabs. Feel the cool breeze in the cave, cool off, listen to the waves, and relax. Look out at the blue sky and verdant mountains from the cave. The beauty of Lüdao will be unforgettable.
Youzihu is an important prehistoric site on Lüdao, already highly valued by scholars during the Japanese rule. Later, after investigation and excavations by archaeologists, a large number of prehistoric animal bones, fish bones, shells, pottery pieces, as well as tombs and shell mounds were unearthed. It was inferred that prehistoric humans in Lüdao had close contacts with the ethnic groups in the east and Hengchun Peninsula. This is a finding of great significance in archaeological history.
Recommended Tour
Day 1: Youzi Lake>Guanyin Cave>Gongguanbi>Chaikou Snorkeling area
Day 2: Niutou Mtn., Arch Rock>General Rock>Gongguanbi> Chaikou Snorkeling area
1. The roads on Green Island are winding and the speed limit is 40kmh. Riders of scooters should ride with care.
2. Many of the local sights are reached by going along narrow winding streets so walking or riding a scooter is the best way to reach them.