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Guanyin Cave

The lingering incense of Guanyin Cave


Posted Date:2012-10-22


Green Island’s Guanyin Cave is situated on the wave-cut platform of Gongguan village, known as “Caoshan” (“Grassy Hill”) by the island residents. It is a natural stalactite cave, and in front of the cave steps stands a rhyming couplet:
“Crystal water, green hills, Guanyin scenic spot known well;
Upon this island, a look at this place, where Daoist immortals dwell”
Within the cave there is one stalagmite standing tall and upright, its shape resembling Guanyin the Bodhisattva of Compassion, and the number of pilgrims to it are gradually increasing, the front of the temple flourishing with burning incense.
The local’s way of paying respect to the Guanyin is particularly unusual: because the Guanyin’s back is to the worshippers, with the upright body facing eastwards and sitting on a lotus, it is necessary to worship from a reverse position. Ahead of the Guanyin figure have been placed stainless steel discs, and after praying and throwing divinatory blocks, the follower will caress the Guanyin gently with a hand to show respect. Guanyin himself did not wish for the establishment of temples, therefore no temple hall has been established However the island residents have established a regulatory commission, believing firmly in worshiping the Guanyin figure for decades, seeking not only miracles but also the possibility of resolving great changes on earth and human suffering. When encountering marriage, birth, or any major event or difficult problem within life, at all times it is possible to go forward and pray; if the island people are going away on a trip they will hold an incense pouch close to the skin, naturally receiving protection from the deities and reliving anxieties; if moving from one part of the country to another one may also want to meet with the Guanyin and ask for a safe journey, allowing the mind to recall everything about the home down.



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Recommended Tour

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How to Get There

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fried venison is the island’s distinctive dish;venison noodles is a dish made by scalding venison,then stewing it with various Chinese medicinal herbs to give it a strong Chinese medicinal herb aroma.

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