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Xiaoyeliu Visitor Center

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Posted Date:2011-08-08


Wednesday:08:30 – 17:00
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Situated at the main entrance to the Fugang Geopark (Xiaoyeliu), the Xiaoyeliu Visitor Center features a geology exhibition hall with many carefully-designed models and rock samples introducing the geological features of Fugang Geopark (Xiaoyeliu) and the Coastal Range. This is a good place to get orientated before heading out on tours of this area.


TEL 089-281136
Opening Hours Sunday:08:30 – 17:00
Monday:08:30 – 17:00
Tuesday:08:30 – 17:00
Wednesday:08:30 – 17:00
Thursday:08:30 – 17:00
Friday:08:30 – 17:00
Saturday:08:30 – 17:00
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  • Brief explanation
  • Visitor Centre
  • Exhibition Hall
  • Trafficking Division
  • Payphone
  • Parking lot
  • Toilets
  • Bicycle Inn
  • Bus station
  • Trail
  • i-Helper

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