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Torik Visitor Center

At the 124.5-km marker of Provincial Highway 11
  • Accessible facilities
    Accessible facilities
    Accessible facilities are available in the visitor center. Please refer to the floor plan.
  • Introductory video screening in the theater
    Introductory video screening in the theater
    Every day from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm introductory video is screened on the hour (except for 12:00 noon). Title and length of the video: "Non-trivial" - 20 minutes.
  • Nursing room
    Nursing room
    The nursing room provides a warm and friendly space for parents and children, making the visit more convenient and comfortable. The nursing room provides: Diapers, wet tissues, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, drinking fountains, and small refrigerators. If you need to use them, please inform the information desk staff.
  • East Coast merchandise
    East Coast merchandise
    Merchandises can be found here, including: T-shirts, school bags, hand-made goods, audio and video, books, and many other souvenirs. If you would like to make a purchase, please inform the information desk staff.
  • Muslim Prayer Room
    Muslim Prayer Room
    To accommodate the customs of visitors from different religions and ethnic groups, this visitor center is equipped with a Muslim prayer room. If you would like to use the facility, please contact the information desk staff.
Torik Visitor Center is the headquarters of the East Coast National Scenic Area Headquarters and is adjacent to the Amis Folk Center. Torik Visitor Center, sitting at the foot of mountain and facing the ocean, offers great views of Chenggong Town and Sanxiantai towards the north and Lüdao towards the south. The beautiful mountain and sea scenery are uniquely representative of the East Coast. The Moonlight Sea Concert is held here every year. The inside of the visitor center is suitable for families with children to enjoy together.

The vast outdoor lawn area showcases all the artwork from the East Coast Land Art Festival of previous years. With the green grass and the ocean as the backdrop, you can sit here and relax in the slow pace of Taitung, or enjoy a picnic here with the charming scenery of the East Coast. If you happen to be here during the Moonlight Sea Concert, you can sit on the grass with the moonlight on the sea and listen to the beautiful music.

Torik Visitor Center, the ocean view exhibition area is currently curated by contemporary artist from the Makotaay tribe, Rahic Talif, with the theme, "Journey in the space of 50 steps." The artist collected marine debris along the East Coast for many years and created multi-media paintings, sculptures, installations and video works. Through the interaction between artworks, light, and sound, he conveys deep thoughts and concerns for global environmental issues. Torik Visitor Center is turned into a environmentally, culturally, and educationally significant venue. All are welcome to Torik Visitor Center. For details, please call: 089-841520 (Extension 1800 for the Information Desk of Torik Visitor Center).
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