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East Coast National Scenic Area


The Marine Environmental Education Center of Chenggong Yacht Marina


Posted Date:2016-09-10


The Center is located next to Xingang Fishing Port, which is the largest in Chenggong Township’s eastern part, and benefits from the Kuroshio, a warm Pacific current bringing a diverse array of marine species, notably cetaceans. In an effort to raise awareness of Chenggong’s marine resources and fishing industry, the East Coast National Scenic Area (ECNSA) Headquarters opened to the public this environmental education facility as part of the Chenggong Yacht Marina. With the help of the Taiwan Cetacean Society, the Center offers free, guided marine-themed tours and speeches that enrich the visitor experience with fresh insights into a distinctive fishing town, and also into a marine ecosystem Taitung County prides itself on.


TEL 0978-236307
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Opening Hours (1) January-June, September-December: 9:00-12:00 noon, 13:30-17:00 Thu- Sun; Closed Mon-Wed. (2) July-August: 9:00-12:00 noon, 13:30-18:00 Thu-Tue; Closed on Wed. Contact us via phone for guided tours or other services.


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