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The Marine Environmental Education Center of Chenggong Yacht Marina

Fun activities
  • Showcasing the marlin spearfishing process and equipment used in the movie "A Town Called Success"
  • Suitable for families with children to learn about Taitung's marine ecology
  • Free guided tour
  • Spearfishing experience and 3D marlin floor painting
    The Marine Educational Center is equipped with a single-person spearfishing podium. Visitors can stand on the podium and experience the unique spearfishing culture of Chenggong Township. Feel fishermen’s brave spirit, while imagining facing the test of the sea and the challenge of marlins. Take a photo of your heroic pose of strength and beauty as a seaman!
  • Chenggong Marlin Culture Section
    Chenggong Town has a unique marlin spearfishing culture, and Chenggong Fishing Port is the largest fishing port on the East Coast. It has a wealth of fishery resources, bringing rich marine culture to Chenggong Township. This section showcases features of marine culture such as Taitung’s migratory fish, different types of marlins, fishing gear, and fishing methods.
  • Cetacean Ecology Section
    Did you know that there is nearly one-third of the world's cetaceans in the waters around Taiwan? Through the display of cetacean bone specimens and information, the ecology and habits of common cetaceans on the East Coast of Taiwan are explained in depth. The complete skeleton of a pantropical spotted dolphin is on display. Cetacean short videos and sound displays, along with frequent cetacean-related documentary screening, allow visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the beautiful marine life on the East Coast of Taiwan.
The warm current of the Kuroshio has given birth to abundant cetaceans and marine life in the Chenggong waters. Located at the marina near Chenggong Newport Fishing Port, the Environmental Education Center is currently hosted by the Taiwan Cetacean Society. Here, you can learn all about whales and dolphins, the spearfishing process, the equipment used in the movie "A Town Called Success," and the unique fishing culture of Chenggong. Through the guided tour and commentaries, combined with marine tours, exhibitions, and whale watching tours, visitors can gain a deeper understanding of the precious marine ecology around Taitung. It is perfect for families with children to learn about marine ecology together.

In addition to the guided tour at the Marine Environmental Education Center, you can also take a walk in Chenggong Town, try delicious food, and experience the enthusiastic hollering in the fishing market. Finally, visit the only swordfish temple in Taiwan. Legend has it if you touch the wooden swordfish god on the head, stomach, and tail fins, all your requests will be answered and all your wishes will come true!
Open Time
(1) January-June, September-December: 9:00-12:00 noon, 13:30-17:00 Thu- Sun; Closed Mon-Wed. (2) July-August: 9:00-12:00 noon, 13:30-18:00 Thu-Tue; Closed on Wed. Contact us via phone for guided tours or other services.