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Torik Park

At the 125.5-km marker of Provincial Highway 11
Fun activities
  • A great spot for family outings, picnics, stargazing, and moon viewing
  • Obtain first-hand information and utilize tourist services
  • Enjoy the great lawn and the boundless sea view
  • High-definition video livestreaming all day long
  • The Malaolou Incident and Torik Tribe
    The Malaolou Incident (Lalood no Madawda in the Amis language) during the Japanese colonial rule period in 1911 was the largest recorded anti-Japanese incident in Taitung. The leader of the Amis Tribe of Malaolou, which is located in today's Chenggong Township, rallied the Torik Amis people to rebel against the Japanese as the tribesmen were forced to perform hard labor, change their lifestyle, and only received meager wages. When the incident happened, a large number of Japanese police were dispatched from various places to Taitung for backup. Amis warriors resisted at today's Torik Park as a stronghold. The incident came to an end under the mediation of leader of the Amis Tribe of Malan, Ma Hengheng. However, the leader of Torik Tribe was executed by the Japanese troops later on. At present, on the hill of the past Malaolou in Sanmin Village, Chenggong Township, there is a monument commemorating the heroic resistance of the Amis people in the 1911 Malaolou Incident.
  • Torik Beach
    Torik Beach is located in the Torik Tribe below Torik Park. It can be reached by following along the path to the seaside burial site. Torik Beach is a rare wide sandy beach on the East Coast. It is suitable for surfing beginners and less water-savvy visitors. It is also the place where the Amis of Torik Tribe hold their traditional sea ritual. The wide and flat beach, under the washing of the waves, has become like a mirror reflecting the beautiful sky and clouds. It was made popular by social media in recent years as the "Mirror of the Sky."

Torik Park is located at the 125.5-km marker of Provincial Highway 11 close to Torik Tribe. In the past, the Torik Amis called this place "katomayan," meaning "the place where bears roam about." In addition to being the administrative center of the East Coast National Scenic Area Headquarters of Tourism Administration, MOTC, the park also includes Torik Visitor Center, Amis Folk Center, a large parking lot, and outdoor recreation and performance spaces. Being on the high ground, this spot offers a wide view of the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful sunrise and moonrise. It is not only an important hub for visitors to obtain travel information for the East Coast, but also an important attraction for guided groups. It is also a spot where locals come for a picnic or a walk with their children and furry kids.
In the past, the Torik Amis called this place katomayan, meaning  the place where bears roam about.
Combined with the annual activities of the East Coast National Scenic Area Headquarters, Torik Park is where events such as the Katomayan Music and Dance Festival, and the Moonlight Sea Concert and Market of East Coast Land Arts Festival are held during the peak tourism seasons of spring and summer. The new form of domestic tourism combing tribal cultural heritage and local art and innovation allows visitors to enjoy the stunning scenery as well as the rich and diverse culture of the East Coast. After several years of accumulation, Torik Park not only provides complete tourist services, but also looks like a large art and culture gallery. In Torik Visitor Center, the work of East Coast artist Rahic Talif, Jouney in the Space of 50 Steps, is on exhibit permanently. In the outdoor space, with the green lawn and the unbeatable sea view as the backdrop, past works created by domestic and foreign artists from the East Coast Land Arts Festival are on display, such as Bathe in the Landscape: Silent Microcosm, The Most Powerful Gentleness, In Transition, Gaze from 5390 AD, and Waiting to Drift. All of them are popular among visitors for close interaction and photos.
Installation art
Parking is easy at Torik Park. Those who prefer public transportation can take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle - East Coast Line and get off at the Amis Folk Center. To allow people who cannot visit in person to enjoy the East Coast scenery at Torik Park, in 2020, the East Coast National Scenic Area Headquarters set up a live camera above the visitor center. Through the high-definition camera, the weather and scenery are broadcasted online 24 hours a day. Those who are interested should visit our youtube channel.
Torik Park is located at the 125.5-km marker of Provincial Highway 11 close to Torik Tribe

Open Time
  • Sunday:08:30 – 17:00
  • Monday:08:30 – 17:00
  • Tuesday:08:30 – 17:00
  • Wednesday:08:30 – 17:00
  • Thursday:08:30 – 17:00
  • Friday:08:30 – 17:00
  • Saturday:08:30 – 17:00
  • Brief explanation
  • Visitor Centre
  • Exhibition Hall
  • Trafficking Division
  • Payphone
  • Parking lot
  • Toilets
  • Bicycle Inn
  • View Point
  • Bus station
  • Trail
  • i-Helper
1. Opening hours: 8:00-17:00
2. Smoking is banned. Barbecuing and camping are also prohibited.
3. Help protect the environment and keep the recreation area clean. Do not litter.
4. Cherish public resources. Do not damage public facilities.