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Farglory Ocean Park

A leisure space that is both fun and educational.


Posted Date:2012-05-26


"Farglory Ocean Park is next to the East Coast Scenic Area Tourism Bureau Hualien Visitor Center. It is located on the Coastal Mountains, It has an amusement park and loads of the park land as well as 391 rooms at the Farglory Bellvista Hotel.
The theme park was built in the style of a 19th century British pier and marine carnival. There are eight theme park rides in it is the largest theme park on Taiwan's left bank. It is the Kingdom of the Ocean.
In addition to Ocean Park's amusement facilities, there are also four main performances - the Dolphin Show, the Sea Lion Show, the Marine Mammal Ecology Classroom and the Beyond the Sea Magic Show. It is a great theme park for families. "


Opening Hours 09:30-17:00 on Thu. ~ Tue.


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  • Exhibition Hall
  • Trafficking Division
  • Dining
  • Stay
  • Payphone
  • Parking lot
  • Toilets
  • View Point
  • Bus station

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1.The opening time in the park often changes with the season. All performance schecdules change due to the change of seasons, holidays and weather conditions. Please check the bulletin board on site or check the Ocean Park website.

2.No food, drinks, glass bottles, pets or sports equipment.

3.Do not feed the animals without the permission of the park guide or the animal trainer.

4.The park does not accept any currencies other than New Taiwan Dollars.

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