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Farglory Ocean Park

Fun activities
  • The sea lion and dolphin feeding show and performance are must-sees
  • See the legendary mermaid in the marine mammal education center
  • Ferris wheel and cable car are great places to enjoy the scenery of the East Coast
  • Enjoy the marvelous theater performances of singing, dancing, magic, and stunts
  • The only large-scale amusement park in Hualien and Taitung
  • History and Culture
    History and Culture
    Yanliao Village, where the Farglory Ocean Park is located, is the northernmost village on the Hualien-Taitung coastline. In the past, Hualien’s salt was produced here, so the Japanese called this place Yanliao (Salt House) Port. During the Japanese rule, lemongrass was planted on the hill, and the villagers refined lemongrass oil for export to Southeast Asia. During World War II, the price of lemongrass oil surged and was even sold to Europe. In the early days, wild lilies bloom all over the Coastal Range every spring, so the surrounding area where the Ocean Park is located now was once known as the "lily valley." Today, Yanliao has become an important area for tourism. After the official opening of the Ocean Park in 2003, growth in visitors and consumption also led to the rise of B&Bs in the village.
  • Nature and Ecology
    Nature and Ecology
    Hualien Xikou Wetland that is adjacent to the Ocean Park is a great choice for migrating birds to cross the border and winter. From October each year, birds from as far as Siberia arrive here one after another, and the bird watchers follow, making Xikou a busy place until June of the following year. In the harsh environment, seaside plants have developed special survival skills. To observe these warriors’ extraordinary survival skills, Xikou Hualien is an excellent place.
  • Geological Environment
    Geological Environment
    As part of the outcropping area of Shuilian conglomerate, conglomerates of different sizes are found in the rock formation here. The unique feature of this type of rock formation is that it is prone to steep slopes and deep canyons where it is exposed, such as the No. 11 and No. 12 bridge canyons; and the peaks often appear to be independent and sharp.
  • Ocean Park experiences
    Ocean Park experiences
    There are four activities: "Sleepless Ocean," "Swimming with Dolphins," "Diving and Taking Photos of Dolphins," and "One-day Dolphin Trainer." "Sleepless Ocean" is a two-day and one-night marine ecological camp guided by a professional with an overnight stay at the venue. It is suitable for parents and children to participate together. The "Swimming with Dolphins" is guided by the dolphin trainer personally. You will learn about the anatomy of dolphins and get a chance to interact intimately with dolphins, including holding their dorsal fins and swimming with them in the water. "Diving and Taking Photos of Dolphins" includes diving into the water and listening to the unique sounds that dolphins make. You can have face-to-face contact with them, feed them, swim with them, and take photos of them. You must be a certified Open Water diver to participate. As the "One-day Dolphin Trainer" you will participate in the dolphin performance. This is an exclusive opportunity to try being a dolphin trainer!
  • Ocean Park rides - Clear Sky Cable Car, Pirate Adventure, and Blackbeard Pirate Ship
    Ocean Park rides - Clear Sky Cable Car, Pirate Adventure, and Blackbeard Pirate Ship
    At the Ocean Park, you must take the "Clear Sky Cable Car" that goes from 20 meters to 100 meters above sea level. Riding the cable car, you can enjoy a rare aerial experience and overlook the East Coast landscape from above. "Pirate Adventure" has a 650m long water slide where you can experience the thrill of high-speed thrusting. "Blackbeard Pirate Ship" can swing up 90 degrees to about 6 stories high. Sitting in the back row, you would feel that you are completely in the air. It is a popular ride among young people.
  • The estuary of Hualien Creek
    The estuary of Hualien Creek
    Hualien Creek estuary is the first stop to explore the beauty of East Coast. There are constantly changing estuaries, precious sand dunes, the longest fault in the east, and peculiar sea erosion landscape; as well as beaches, rocky shores, plants growing on the dunes, and all kinds of migratory creatures. This place can be said to be a treasure vault for learning about the topography, geology, and ecology of the East Coast. The wetland in Xikou is also the best place to watch waterbirds in the suburbs of Hualien City. Herons can be seen roaming here all year round. As soon as winter comes, waterbirds such as ducks, geese, sandpipers, and shorebirds arrive in groups. At nights before and after the winter solstice, there are crowds of people on the banks of the Xikou, using headlights to catch eel seedlings in the cold and harsh northeast monsoon. The estuary of Hualien Creek is only a ten-minute drive from Hualien city. It is a great place to watch sunrise and welcome the first rays of light. You can also climb the Hualien Mountain and gaze afar, or stroll on the beach, enjoy the peculiar rocks, and observe plants and animals. It is a great place for the whole family, with members young and old, to enjoy together.
Farglory Ocean Park is adjacent to Hualien Visitor Center of the East Coast Scenic Area Headquarters Office. It has many interesting marine-themed amusement facilities. The cable car and Ferris wheel in the park are excellent places to enjoy sea views. The theme park is based on the 19th century British pier and coastal carnival style, with eight sections such as Ocean Village and Adventure Island. It is an "oceanic kingdom" that combines leisure, tourism, accommodation, and beautiful coastal scenery. In addition to exciting and fun park rides, the Ocean Park also has four amazing themed performances. It is a theme park suitable for the whole family!

Themed shows not to be missed
When you come to the Ocean Park, you must not miss the performances of dolphins and sea lions. In the Ocean Theater you can witness the unspoken understanding between the trainer and the dolphins. Watch the dolphins leap out of the water, do a 360-degree flip, or compete in an exciting match!

In the Huang-huang Sea Lion Show, you will see sea lions that love to play, fighting to perform fancy dive moves. The climax of the show is a volleyball game that will drive the audience wild! In addition, you can visit the only Marine Mammal Education Center in the country and witness the legendary mermaid i.e. manatees, to learn about this endangered marine creature.
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1.The opening time in the park often changes with the season. All performance schecdules change due to the change of seasons, holidays and weather conditions. Please check the bulletin board on site or check the Ocean Park website.

2.No food, drinks, glass bottles, pets or sports equipment.

3.Do not feed the animals without the permission of the park guide or the animal trainer.

4.The park does not accept any currencies other than New Taiwan Dollars.