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Jiqi Beach Recreation Area

Water Activity Park


Posted Date:2012-05-26


"Jiqi Beach has up to 3 km of soft sandy beach. In the winter when at high tide the sand is washed up and makes the beach black, but when summer comes the low tide makes it a beautiful golden beach. It is a recreational place for water activities. Some areas have been developed for waterfront recreation, such as the beach area, the camping area, the restaurants and some other leisure facilities. It is certainly a great place for summer fun at the beach.
In the south of Jiqi is still the access for fishermen's rafts. They often take guests for reef fishing, in addition, there are fishermen doing grouper snappers fishing or fishing for silver pomfret at night.
In Jiqi Bay Cape there is a Dashibi Hill Trail, visitors can observe the flora and fauna with the trail and and appreciate the terrain landscape. It is a natural ecological trail for families."


1."Management units set storm flags at the entrance. A green flag means calm waves, you can feel comfortable swimming in the water; A yellow flag means larger waves, consider your own ability before getting into the water; A red flag suggests strong winds and waves, all tourists are prohibited to get into water."
2.Beach management is run in a rather loose way. There are lifeguard services, however, tourists are suggested to swim only within the operating range. On the southern tip of the beach, there is buffer area for fishing boats, please pay attention while you are in the water.
3.Summer sun can be harmful, please take precautions.




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