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Donghe Bridge

The blue sky and Taiyuan Valley reflect


Posted Date:2012-05-26


Tuesday:Open 24 hours a day
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"Donghe Bridge is located at the river mouth where Chenggong Township connects with the Mawuku River. The new and the old bridges both cross the river. Each has its own characteristics, and shows the beauty of architecture, The blue sky and Taiyuan Valley reflect on the old Donghe Bridge. It's like a stunning landscape painting.
Built in 1930, Old Donghe Bridge was originally named Jikuen Bridge. It was originally a suspension bridge designed by a Japanese engineer to link Taiyuan Basin and the Donghe Tribe to the only road that goes to Singong. In 1953, due to typhoon damage, it was rebuilt.
Because of the different lithology on both sides of the bridge, the north bank has hard limestone while the southern bank has soft layers and a huge limestone deposit in it. Therefore, the northern half of the bridge was designed as an archtype to cross the river and the limestone on the north side, while the southern half could only be designed as a frame bridge."


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