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Fun activities
  • Take a walk on the charming beach and listen to the waves
  • Taiwan Open of Surfing is held at Jinzun Fishing Port from November to December
  • Jinzun with beautiful ocean views
"From Jinzun tourists can overlook the panorama of the entire coast. The full panoramic view includes Jinzun fishing port, a white sandy beach and nearby valleys. It's the only place where the sea connects to the land that is forming. Due to its resemblance to a wine glass it was named Jinzun (Golden Glass). Also, because it is shaped like an anchor, it is also known as Anchor Island or Anchor-Shaped Reef.
The most charming part of Jinzun is its three kilometer stretch of clean sandy beach. Vsitors can rest along the viewing area and go for a walk down the wooden ladder to the beach, listening to the sound of waves, or go fishing. However, due to the steep slope of beach, visitors are prohibited to swim in the sea.
After fun at the beach, tourists can return to the coffee shop next to the viewing area. What a great way to enjoy life."
  • Trafficking Division
  • Dining
  • Payphone
  • Parking lot
  • Toilets
  • View Point
  • Trail
Recommended Tour
1.In order to prevent environmental damage by tourists, please keep Taiwan clean when you travel, and help protect the environment.

2.Summer sun can be harmful, please take precautions.

3.The beach in Jinchun has a steepslope. Swimming is prohibited.