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Posted Date:2018-03-06


Spectacular Rice Field of Changbin Township by Pacific Ocean 
Ocean and Rice Field Waves by King Kong Mountain

The third King Kong Marathon holds on May 6th,2018 in Taitung County and starts from Changbin Elementary School. The organizer, East Coast National Scenic Area Administration Tourism Bureau Ministry Of Transportation And Communications Republic Of China, invites all runners to participate in this Taiwan's unique dual-wave race to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way through running.
This event was first held in 2016 and was well reputed by runners. On the way, runners run with spectacular scenery of the sea waves and rice field wave, so called dual-wave, along the race course. The last two races was highly scored by 4.7 out of 5 of Sportsnote. With appreciation of the runners, there will be the third King Kong Marathon. Registration from March 30th (Fri.). Welcome all runners to participate.

Five Tribes Four Scenic Spots  
Triple Enjoyment of Visiting Changbin Township

The race groups are 42. 195k, 21k and 7.5k. Race course starts from Changbin Elementary School, after the turn of 3.2K is the King Kong Avenue, both sides of the endless rice waves and waves of the Pacific Ocean show immediately. Along the course, the villagers of the five main tribes, Zhongyong, Changguan, Zhenbing, Zhangyuan, Jingpu, will cheer for runners along the Provincial Route (PR) 11. Four major east coast attractions, King Kong Avenue, Baxian Cave, Tropic of Cancer, Changhong Bridge, gives the enjoyment of the beautiful scenery on the east coast of Taiwan. There will be aboriginal people cheering along the way, to keep runner companied and feel the warmth of the local residents. Work hard together till the end of the the race and take home nice memories.

King Kong Down the Mountain 
Cheer on King Kong Avenue 

In order to enhance the fun, King Kong is especially invited to go down the mountain to cheer for all runners on King Kong Avenue. Runners may take a photo with King Kong when passing through the famous King Kong Avenue. This event carries on King Kong Challenges since past years. For group members, more than four participants from a single group of 42.195K or 21K can apply for the Challenge, and the winner will receive a total reward of $12,000 NTD or equivalent gift.

In addition, the day before the event Changbin Township Office will continue the event
From last year, "Changbin Welcome Party," abundant dishes made by local produce will be served, also, person who participates the party will be given souvenir of local agricultural products provided by Changbin Township Office. Party’s registration starts from now until March 30 (Fri). Welcome all runners to join!
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