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Welcome the First Sunrise in Sanxiantai


Posted Date:2019-01-02


On January 1st of every year, the first sunrise on the main island of Taiwan appears in Sanxiantai, Chenggong Township, Taitung County. Since 2000, the ECNSA Headquarters, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications has been holding the “Welcome the First Sunrise in Sanxiantai” event. On the first day of every year, five to six thousand visitors gather here, their hearts filled with warmth despite the cold weather, and every one of them faces east toward the sea, counting down the last ten seconds in unison to welcome the first sunrise of the year, while making wishes and congratulating each other.

Sanxiantai is 3 km from the northeast of Chenggong Township. It is an offshore island composed of volcanic agglomerates. Due to weathering and marine corrosion, there are many rocks with unique shapes on this Island. The Island has a wide variety of coastal plants. The ECNSA Headquarters built a trail that runs around the Island, and installed Taiwan’s very first “Baby Sun Postbox” in 2019 on this uninhabited Island. After watching the sunrise, you can participate in the beach cleanup activity to help protect the environment and show your love for the Earth. You can also cross the Arch Bridge to get to the Island with your “Welcome the First Sunrise in Sanxiantai” postcard and then write down your blessings before posting it in the “Baby Sun Postbox” for your family and friends. Afterwards, you may go around the Island to explore its natural wonders.