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Gadoumayang Tribal Music and Dance Feast


Posted Date:2019-07-06




  Between July and August every year, the indigenous tribes in Hualien and Taitung hold their harvest festival. To encourage the preservation of indigenous cultures and exchanges between tribes in Hualien and Taitung, the ECNSA Headquarters has been holding “Gadoumayang Tribal Music and Dance Feast” at Amis Folk Center in Chenggong Township, Taitung County every July since 2013. The event marks the beginning of the harvest festival of the same year.

“Gadoumayang Tribal Music and Dance Feast” includes three major contests. To begin with, each tribe participating in “Huadong Tribal Musical” uses its traditional clothes, music and dance, and daily implements to produce a musical that represents its history, culture, and life. Secondly, “Huadong Tribal Song Singing” emphasizes the preservation and sustainability of indigenous cultures and invites participants to sing traditional music and polyphonic songs. Lastly, “Indigenous Dance” presents the beauty of indigenous dancing using a contemporary and innovative approach. Visitors can watch the contests or interact. When you watch members of each team, regardless of their age, go all out to sing, dance, and perform, you will feel extremely touched and begin to understand the values and importance of cultural preservation. You are welcome to visit Amis Folk Center and join “Gadoumayang Tribal Music and Dance Feast,” the top destination for summer travel. Here, you can participate in the group dance together with the tribal people.