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The East Coastline route of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle is becoming a “cruise-type” sightseeing bus from May 1!


Posted Date:2021-05-05


The East Coast National Scenic Area Administration of Tourism Bureau, MOTC (hereinafter the ECNSA  Administration) has upgraded the service of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle’s East Coastline and Jade Changfeng Coastal Line routes this year (2021). In addition to the Jade Changfeng Coastal Line that is already a cruise-type sightseeing bus, the East Coastline route will become a cruise-type bus route from May 1. Visitors to the East Coast will not have to wait for the buses anymore. Instead, the buses will be waiting for you so you won’t have to worry about missing the bus again.

To better integrate tourist itineraries and seasonal event organization, the ECNSA Administration designed four itineraries for the East Coastline route for a whole day, half day in the morning, and half day in the afternoon. The whole-day itinerary is the Sanxiantai route (route code 8101A), running between Taitung Bus Station and Sanxiantai. The half-day itinerary is the Amis Folk Center route, running between Taitung Bus Station and Amis Folk Center. For this itinerary, there is one morning half-day route (route code 8101B) and two afternoon half-day routes (route code 8101C and 8101D). The whole-day itinerary of Sanxiantai route and the morning half-day itinerary of Amis Folk Center route were launched from May 1, 2021. One of the afternoon half-day itineraries of the Amis Folk Center route (No. 8101D) is running from May 1 to October 31 in accordance with the “Night Visit to Xiaoyeliu" event. Following that, Route 8101C will run from November 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022.

The bus fare for the East Coastline route is NTD399 for a one-day ticket and NTD250 for a half-day ticket (“Night Visit to Xiaoyeliu” is NTD350 including the activity fee). In addition, passengers still holding the old one-day ticket for East Coastline route (NTD299) can enjoy the new whole-day itinerary before December 31 without making up the price difference.

To improve the service of the Jade Changfeng Coastal Line route, which only started in November, 2020, the ECNSA Administration changed the terminal station of Shitiping Fishing Port to Shitiping Recreation Area based on the visitor survey. The price of the one-day ticket remains at NTD299 and the two-day ticket for East Coast Yuli-Changbin at NTD499 . If you would like to enjoy both the East Coastline and Jade Changfeng Coastal Line routes, you can take the East Coastline route on the first day and transfer to Dingdong Bus 8101, 8102, 8105, or 8119 to Changbin Township Office for free with the ticket stub (and stay overnight in the local area); and then take the Jade Changfeng Coastal Line the next day.

In order to promote the re-launched East Coastline route, the ECNSA Administration collaborated with dozens of businesses along the East Coast such as Dingdong Bus, Traveler Inn, TR9 Car Rental, and Sanxiantai Fishermen's Association to launch a prize draw. With any purchase of East Coastline ticket packages made in May and June, passengers can participate in the prize draw on the bus for more than 1,400 prizes! Hop on now! For further information of the East Coastline and Jade Changfeng Coastline routes, go to the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle website and other related websites.