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Business operators explored new ways to enjoy Yanliao and Shuilian in the East Coast Tourism Circle


Posted Date:2022-08-12


In order to build the tourism brand of the East Coast Tourism Circle and expand the breadth and depth of Provincial Highway 11 tourism, East Coast National Scenic Area Administration of Tourism Bureau, MOTC (hereinafter the ECNSAA) held a tourism promotion and trial event at Yanliao and Shuilian, the first stops on the north side of East Coast National Scenic Area, on August 11, 2022. The group visited Jilai Hunter School in Shuilian to learn about Amis history, mythology, and lifestyle. They also visited Haijiao Studio to try making kokedamas and enjoyed afternoon tea with sea view at Hayaku. A total of 28 business operators participated in the event, including travel agencies, bloggers, unions and associations in the Hualien-Taitung area, and hotel and B&B owners. New ways to enjoy Yanliao and Shuilian were explored.



Yanliao and Shuilian area in Hualien City is blessed with stunning coastal landscape and charming local culture. There are many unique and friendly accommodations to choose from along the way. In recent years, arts and crafts studios and business operators have launched various workshops and DIY activities. In the future, this area is expected to become the first stop for visitors to enjoy the charm of East Coast tourism.



Jilai Hunter School in Shuilian is about a 40-minute drive south from downtown Hualien City along Provincial Highway 11. The members of the school not only have high Amis cultural awareness and the desire to continuously learn about traditional affairs, but they also transformed the culture and wisdom into fun and soulful tours. During this promotion and trial event, the group visited Shuilian Legend Museum (renovated from the old granary), which not only showcases the history and myths of the tribe, but also the knowledge of planting and hunting. The seaside is also not to be missed for learning about the techniques of the Amis sea hunters, and catching crabs and casting fishing nets with your own hands.



Haijiao Studio located at 16.2km-marker of Provincial Highway 11 has been opened in Yanliao for nearly 10 years. The studio environment is integrated with nature. The surrounding plants serve as signage for visitors, guiding them into a natural but extraordinary space. Here, you can relax your body, mind, and soul, and feel the magic of nature through your hands. Follow the owner to make kokedamas, and heal each other with flowers, leaves, and the ocean.



You cannot miss the beauty of the sea on Provincial Highway 11. Hayaku in Yanliao is a secret spot built by Hualien locals. The name originated from the Japanese word, hayaku (meaning faster), which implies that everyone is invited to bring their family and friends to the East Coast to enjoy the slow-paced lifestyle here. Delicious meals are served here. Visitors can enjoy an East Coast afternoon tea while admiring the Pacific blue.


浪花蟹又叫倒退嚕鹽寮海角工作室植物採集The new ways to enjoy Yanliao and Shuilian not only take visitors to the long Hualien-Taitung coastline to enjoy the magnificent nature along Provincial Highway 11, but also deep into the alleys and street corners for the local charm. The diverse in-depth experience will be suitable for different types of travelers. In the future, the East Coast Tourism Circle will continue to build the brand and promote the new style of tourism.