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2022 East Coast Land Arts Festival – the final Moonlight Sea Concert drew the perfect ending for the event


Posted Date:2022-09-14


During the 2022 Mid-Autumn holidays, East Coast National Scenic Area Administration of Tourism Bureau, MOTC (hereinafter the ECNSAA) organized the 2022 East Coast Land Arts Festival - Moonlight Sea Concerts. Under the blessing of the Moon God and the gentle breeze, the concerts were successfully held as scheduled, bringing nearly 7,000 visitors to Duli to enjoy the most cultural and popular music festival in Taiwan.



There were many new attempts in the performances that have never been done before. Among them, Puppet & Its Double Theater from Yilan put on a wonderful drama performance that is like the Taiwanese version of the Lion King. The two large puppets custom made for the event, Goddess Dungi and God Malataw, together with ECNSAA's the Elders of Katumayan puppets toured around the venue, bringing surprises and joy to children and adults. In addition, 300ss's mystic and authentic gothic rock, and Aurorae Solarium's soft yet energetic healing post-rock music contrast each other in their dark and bright styles. The unique sound and light effects in Ufa's Amis-style electronic music presented a completely different soundscape at the junction of mountains and sea in Duli. The final performance is led by Suming and participated by tribal youths and children. In the group singing and dancing while holding hands, the event successfully concluded with promises of seeing each other again at the 2023 Moonlight Sea Concert.



All performers and market stalls at the 2022 Moonlight Sea Concerts gave their best. Some of them created new choreography or songs for the event showcasing a variety of performance styles, and highlighted the infinite possibilities of the Moonlight Sea stage. At the market, whether it be handcraft or gourmet, the image of Moonlight Sea is incorporated in the design. Everything the visitors experienced—what they see with their eyes, what they eat in their mouths, and what they wear on them—are all connected to Moonlight Sea. The perfect atmosphere of the concerts is co-created by all participating parties.


Although the Moonlight Sea concerts have concluded, the six pieces of artwork of the East Coast Land Arts Festival are still standing all along the East Coast as popular social media photo spots. Workshops and DIY activities are continuously offered by arts and crafts studios. From September 21 to 27, "Drop-in our life" series of event is launched. There are estuary concerts, markets, and various local experiences, aiming to offer visitors "all kinds of possibilities of life." The guided tour of "Gemstone under the Moonlight" light installations by Factory J & Workshop W is also open for reservations. East Coast Land Arts Festival offers a taste of the charming East Coast art tourism. All are welcome to explore the intellectual, sensual, delicious, and fun East Coast. Detailed information can be found on the ECNSAA website (www.eastcoast-nsa.gov.tw/) or the Festival website (www.teclandart.tw). For real-time updates, please follow the East Coast Land Arts Festival and [Nga'ayho] Hello, East Coast Facebook pages.