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The East of Taiwan Smart Travel Website and the PWA Mobile Travel Service Have Launched Online!


Posted Date:2023-03-30


The East of Taiwan smart travel website and the PWA mobile travel service jointly developed by the East Coast National Scenic Area Administration (hereinafter the EC-NSAA) and East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration (hereinafter the ERV-NSAA) of Tourism Bureau, MOTC have officially launched in 2023!

The East of Taiwan smart travel website combines 14 major tourism brands under the EC-NSAA and the ERV-NSAA, providing integrated information on various tourism organizations, local associations, small farmers' stores, and official information in the area. With the full-screen menu design and dynamic imagery, visitors can get to know Hualien-Taitung from the perspectives of nature, culture, and stories. Users can browse through fun events, popular attractions, local stores, and special tours on the website. More than 450 travel related products can also be conveniently linked from the website, taking visitors to each of the official sites for purchase.

Simultaneously, the PWA Mobile Travel Service was launched, specifically designed for mobile phone users and providing tourists with an app-like experience. The PWA Mobile Travel Service provides travel information based on the location of users, including must-see attractions, popular social media spots, recommended local stores, parking lots, public toilets, and other service facilities; as well as real-time traffic and weather. The aim is to provide a tourist-friendly user experience.