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No More Hassling When Planning Your Itinerary! The ECNSAA Offers Route-planning Helpers.


Posted Date:2016-03-21


The East Coast National Scenic Area Administration now offers Itinerary Planning Helpers at all of our seven Tourist/Visitor Centers to help tourists plan their route and make their planning hassle-free. Tourists can either call or visit our visitor centers along the east coast to enjoy this new service, where we can recommend between the combination of accommodation, food, sights, and shopping. The seven locations that offers this service starting from March 15th are: Xiaoyeliu, Duli, Baxian Cave, Xibulan, Xiugulan River, Hualien and Lǜdao Tourists Centers. Since this is a new service offered by the ECNSAA, we will take in any suggestions while offering the service to make it better and more convenient. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact the ECNSAA or any visitor centers.