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Sign Up for East Coast Working Holiday 2016: Taiwan’s Favorite Volunteer Program!


Posted Date:2016-05-09


Application for this year’s “East Coast Working Holiday” program, famous for its indigenous theme and widely considered the most challenging on Taiwan’s Pacific shore, is now open (starting Tuesday, May 3rd)! Though limited to one session per destination village per year, this popular work-and-vacation program has seen each of its 21 sessions draw more than enough applicants over the last three years. It gives participating volunteers and tourists alike a peek into various aboriginal cultures, while also providing a friendly platform for tribal communities to share their stories with outsiders, according to the organizer, East Coast National Scenic Area Administration (ECNSAA).
Currently, three sessions under the East Coast Working Holiday program are available, including the “Coloring Jingpu” summer solstice session, which will take place from June 18th through June 21st and see participants greet the magnificent sunrise, paint tribal buildings with the Jingpu neighborhood’s emblematic colors (orange, white and gray), try the locally sourced Pacific cuisine, and learn how to fight like a Malakacaway warrior. The next session is slated for June 30th-July 3rd and centered in the Torik Tribal Village, where the participating volunteers are going to take masonry lessons from tribal elders, indulge their five senses at the “Breathable Sea” and “Creek of Life,” enjoy a garden banquet inspired by native shell ginger, or yuetao. The August 4th-7th session will be staged in the Pisirian tribal community, with participants expected to help young aborigines build oceanfront guardrails for the elderly, play the “pawpaw drum,” sing around a beach bonfire, go fishing in the Pacific, and enjoy a dialogue between the tribespeople and the ocean.
In a constant effort to bolster participation, the East Coast Working Holiday 2016 features brand-new itineraries, in-depth activities for well-experienced participants, international promotion campaigns, and partnerships with local entrepreneurs to further engage enthusiasts in different ways. For details and inquiries, please visit the “East Coast Working Holiday” official website or Facebook page.