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Application for Artist-in-Residence and Open Ateliers Programs of the 2016 Taiwan East Coast Land Art Festival is now open!


Posted Date:2016-05-09


The East Coast National Scenic Area Administration (ECNSAA) is recruiting applicants for an artist-in-residence project, as part of the upcoming Taiwan East Coast Land Art Festival 2016. Under a cross-border partnership, 6 Taiwanese and 2 foreign artists are invited to spend the month of June at the terraced fields in Xinshe Peninsula (Hualien County) and six other ECNSAA attractions in Taitung County, namely: the Baxian Cave, Duli Visitor Center, indigenous Xiaoma Community, Donghe Bridge, Jinzun area and Jialulan (Kararuan) district.
Pursuing an “east coast art corridor,” the ECNSAA also seeks collaboration with 10 art studios in an “open atelier” project to further engage the local art community.
Applications from members of the art community, particularly east coast-based artists and ateliers, are welcome! For terms and conditions please visit http://www.eastcoast-nsa.gov.tw/ or http://www.teclandart.tw.